Loire Valley - Chateau Country

There are many Chateaus in the Loire valley area, here are some of the best known.
It is interesting to visit and learn historical facts about them.

We Drove along the Loire River Valley and stopped along the way to view the scenery.

The Village uses an X at the end of its name.

The Chateau does not use the X, this is done to distinguish beween the two.

Impressive, but exhausting walking through this Chateau. In my opinion, it is too large.

This Chateau, an estate with hundreds (maybe 1000s) of acres is famous for
hunting, using formal attire on horseback, Red Jackets,etc., and many hunting dogs.

We were fortunate to be there for the 5pm feeding time.
The meal consisted of whole raw chicken backs with neck and head still attached.

Lunch time on the Loire Valley.

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