The Greek Isles and Kusadasi, Turkey

Relaxing on deck of ship Atlas after being manuvered out of dock area by two tugboats - the cruise begins.

First dinner, then night club entertainment and dancing - life is good.

Most of Santorini is at top of Hill and donkeys are for hire to take you up.

Lovely, peaceful scenes all over. Here is a grape vine over a bar.

This my favorite camera shot. Our Ship anchored at sea (no dock facility for ships).

Launches provides transportation to the Island.

Ruins of food storage area on the Island of Crete during ancient times as protection against possible invaders.

Beautiful scenery and ruins of ancient Greek culture on the Island of Rhodes.

Having just arrived at the Kusadasi Port, cruisers are anxious to sight-see.

My spouse posing with a friendly Camel.

You would not believe how advanced this 2000 year old Biblical city was for its time. It had a sewer system!

Bule Bule! Apparently this means good bye in Turkish, I think.

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