Mount Desert Island - a.k.a. Acadia

You feel good being here. The New England style houses are well kept and beautiful with their flower gardens
Frenchman, S. Champlain explored the area in 1604 and named it "Isle des Monts Desert" because of the bare
granite summits and later Woodrow Wilson established Acadia National Park in 1919 which uses 47,000 acres of
Mount Desrt Island. The area abounds with Lakes, Coves, Woods, Harbors, Wildlife and plenty to do. In summer
a Ferry takes foot passengers and Autos to Nova Scotia. Boating, Sailing, camping, hiking and biking is in vogue.

The Map gives an idea of all the nooks and crannies of this place. The red road is Acadia National Park's loop Road which includes a stretch on the rocky coast.

Part of downtown Bar Harbor, heading towards the wharf - section 2A of map above.

The Park overlooking Bar Harbor.

One of the nice Waterfront Hotels at bar Harbor.

The wharf is a meeting place for 5 oldtimers (retirees) that met everyday to exchange war stories. Darn!, if one of them didn't
own a '31 Model A 2-door sedan to remind me of mine in High school. It was still original, i.e., it still had Model A Ford parts.

It has original engine, fenders, bumpers, oog-gaa horn and mechanical brakes (not hydraulic). The roof leaked so a vinal sheet was taped on.

The 4 mast sailboat offers 3 hour cruises and customer participation as a crew member if desired.

Bare Granite on the Mountain tops led to name Mount Desert Island.

The Atlantic Ocean entrance to the harbor.

The Display gets you oriented and it starts to make sense.

Man working on his boat at Seal Harbor - 5B on map.

A large protected area called "Somes Sound" - 3C, 4C & 5C on map.

This is a large Lobster broker operation at Southwest Harbor (map 6C). This pier extends into Harbor where it supplies:
traps, bait, fuels (gas/diesel); and buys the Fisherman's Lobster Catch. An interesting operation and a big business.

Selected two nice Lobsters for lunch at Southwest Harbor. The folks steamed, cracked and wrapped them for us.

Drove to a picnic Area at 7C. Delicious and nothing left but shell fragments!

About to go down to the rocks to photograph the Bass Light House.

a steep, but safe wooden stairway to the rocks.

A nice shot of Bass Light House located at bottom of Map at 7C on map.

The opposite side of the Light House.

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