Old Tampa Photos - some as Early as 1920.

Welcome to some Photos of Old Tampa.

This the start of the Old Tampa Photos and hope you find them enjoyable.

There is no intent to profit, sell, or market these photos. The origin of these
photos are not known as they were emailed from person to person on the Internet.

The photos are presented here to make it more practical to view and provide
pleasure to the natives of Tampa that love their City and proud of their roots.

The Intersection of Franklin & Lafayette Streets. At top (East) is the Estuary
where the Banana boats come in, at bottom (West) is the direction of the of
Lafyette St. Bridge and Plant Park. The tracks curve left in the direction of
Town center to Maas Brothers, Tampa Theatre, etc.

Directly across from Sacred Heart Church.

Lafayette street Bridge in 1922.

The Cass st. Bridge in 1926.

Bayshore Boulevard in 1922.

Centro Espanol Hospital on Bayshore Blvd. One of the first HMO plans - open to all Americans in Tampa.

Davis Island Swimming Pool in 1939.

Davis Island Swimming Pool in 1947.

Colonnade curb service, tray at your car window, 1960.

Popular Dinar near the Park Theatre and West of Plant park.

Maas Brothers in 1923.

Where many of the Palma Ceia folks got their groceries.

Good meal at fair price - tray carried by a porter - Gone with the Wind.

This entrance was near Platt St. & Howard Ave. and community extended to MacDill ave.

Plant High school nearing completion 1927.

Plant Park near the University of Tampa and the Lafyette St. Bridge.

Union Station, where you boarded trains for NYC - Silver Star & Silver Meteor 1952.

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