Aviation has come a long way from 1920 - through 2011! Less than 100 years.

Some military "common sense" sayings are included.

Glenn L. Martin biplane - 1920.

Early biplane - no date.

Loughead Aircraft Manufacturing Co. founded 1916, changed name to Lockheed to prevent mispronunciation in 1926.

Early German Tri-wing fighter - WW I.

The piper Cub is the safist airplane in the World; it can barely kill you.

P47,WW II fighter plane. - - Five second fuses last about three seconds.

P51 Mustang ,WW II fighter plane. There are still several private owners flying this popular plane.

The Martin 404 Airliner popular during 1950s and 1960s.

Lockheed Super Constellation ("Super Connie"). 1950s - developed for the Air Force and a version for the Airlines. Very popular.

B52 Bomber - - Cluster bombing from B52 is very accurate. The bombs always hit the ground.

F111 Aardvark. - - Don't ever be the first, or the last or volunteer for anything.

C 130 Hercules, a.k.a. Fat Albert, with JATO Rocket assist.

C130 in the Desert

C17 Taking-Off with runway repairs in progress.

A10 Thunderbolt, a.k.a. Warthog. - - If enemy is in range so are you.

F16 with LANTIRN Night Vision Seeker.

F16 Falcon.

F18 Hornet.

F18 Hornet. - - Don't draw fire, it irritates people around you - advice to new Guy.

F18s showing off. - - Tracers work both ways.

Apache. - - whoever said the Pen is mightier than Sword, never encountered automatic weapons.

Apache without the LongBow Radome above rotor.

B2 Spirit taking-off with C130 in background.

F22 Raptor, the Current joint services fighter plane.

Largest Airliner built by Air Industrie (European - Germany & France) - 2011.

Space Shuttle - retired 2011.

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