** Terrorist Attack on the United States **
September 11, 2001

Four Hijacked Aircraft were invovled. Two crashed into the Twin Towers in NYC. Another
crashed into the Pentagon and the fourth was brought down in a Pennsylvania field by brave
American Passengers. Photos of this Attack follows. Over 3000 people were killed including
343 Police, Firefighters and Paramedics.

The second Airliner about to crash into Tower. Both Towers collapsed When the intense heat softened the steel structure.

This man chose to jump rather than burn to death.

Second Tower still standing at this time.

The Twin Towers are Gone along with many victims.

The people on this Ferry are fleeing lower Manhattan.

The Clean-up Task and search for thousands of Bodies begin.

Osama Bin Laden, the Terrorist Leader responsible was hunted, found in Pakistan,
and killed by a Team of U.S. Navy SEALS in 2011. His burial at Sea was video
recorded for the World to see.

The third Airliner Crashed in to the Pentagon killing 125 people.

The Clean-up Task and search for Bodies begin.

The fourth Airliner is forced to Crash in a Pennsylvania field by a group
of brave American heros killing all aboard including the 4 hijackers. The
map shows the hijacked Plane turn around and head for Washington D.C.

The Leader and Hero
Todd Beamer

The call from passenger Todd Beamer on a Cell Phone was routed
to Verizon supervisor Lisa Jefferson. Jefferson spoke with Beamer
in detail from 9:45 until his famous last words before leading a
passenger revolt: "Let's Roll". The fourth Plane was flown into the
ground near Somerset, PA, as a result of a struggle to control the
cockpit. The crash site, a central debris field with debris scattered
some distance away. All were Killed - 45 people plus the hijackers.
The action by Todd Beamer and his team spared a horrible disaster to
the White House or the Nation's Capitol.

The Crash Site and Crater where the plane hit ground.

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