Awesome Pictures

8 ton Orca Whale Leaps 20 feet up - Wow!

Clover decorates the Redwood trees.

This is what the end of the Australia looks like.

This how you Tow an Iceberg. In Newfoundland,
Icebergs are harvested for their water.

This is what a castle on an Island in Ireland looks like.

This is how massive Tokyo is.

This is how Mt. Fuji cuts through the Clouds.

Pyramids near street in Eygpt.

An Oasis in Libya.

This is what a huge beautiful Rhododendron looks like.

You can get to Venice by train or Bus at upper left, but
then you'll need a Water bus or taxi for hotel or sight seeing.

This is what 2 lions in the rain look like.

This is what Wiltshire, England looks like - beautiful.

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