Cades Cove, Tennessee Camping Trip

October 2015

... along the way ...

Visited Darnell Farm. The tomato crop was wiped out by a hard freeze. Bought a Pumpkin!

Sandbox for children to play in, but no sand. Just corn kernels.

The Darnell Farm is in Bryson City, NC on the Tuskaseegee River.

Approaching Maggie Valley.

The British call this structure a Water Closet!

A Fall display in Maggie Valley.

White morning Fog in Cades Cove, Tennessee.

Peaceful deer having a snack.

Scenic Horse Pasture.

These folks really enjoy their horses and vice versa. Clip-Pity-Clop off they went!

Relaxing, sipping wine and listening to music - no TV and no Computer!

Enjoying a mild walk along a creek. The weather was very kind to us on this trip -
no rain and Sunny each day, but in the low thirties each morning!

3 Bear cubs feasting on black walnuts. 2 small cubs are this year's, the
big'un is last year's that hasn't left home yet. Mama is up that tree
watching the people and the cubs. God help anyone that messes with her cubs!

Here is the proud Mama Bear. Check those Paws and Claws.

A horse is a horse of course!

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