Great Smoky Mountain National Park

Cades Cove, Tennessee, Farewell Trip in October 2021.

I thought my Farewell Trip was going to be a couple years ago - but just had to go one more Time!
My son Mike was invited to join me and he accepted. We family camped until my kid's age was about 14
so it has been decades since he last saw Cades Cades Cove - I'm sure he enjoyed it as I did.

On this Trip, we experienced wonderful Travel and Camping Weather. On the 5th day of Camping the
forecast was 3 days of Rain so we packed-up and maded it across the Mountains with good visibilty!
We saw no Elk, and no Fall Colors (a disappointment); the Colors would be seen in 4 or 5 more days.
We did see Deer (large Bucks), Bears and Turkeys. A few Pictures follow.

... along the way ...

We are in North Georgia here, but getting close to Frankin, NC.

Folks enjoying the scenery.

Both side by side photos together encompass Mount Le Conte over Gatlinberg, Tenn. Imagine this: if you could lift the right side Pix
and lay its white bldg over the left side white bldg then the range at top would be normalized.

Preparing to Hibernate in a matter of days, Mama and Cubs are eating as much as possible. They do love Black Walnuts and Acorns.

There are 3 or 4 Churches in Cades Cove, each has their own Cemetery.

Mike was inspecting the Barn at the Grist Mill Farm (makes Corn Meal for Corn Bread etc.)

This is Creek about 20 feet from the Barn.

The Antlers on these Bucks tell us those are big Guys!

Dan Larson Place.

These Bucks are even Larger than the last group shown - beautiful!

Cades Cove Horse Stable, Offering: individual riding horse in a group with a Stable Leader;
Offering; an open Horse carriage for 5 or 6 people with a Stable Leader driving the horse;
Offering an Evening Hay Ride on a safe, clean Flat Trailer pulled by a Leader driven Tractor.

Beyond the Wagon and Horse is the Hey Ride Flat Bed Trailer.


This concludes my Camping experience due to the fact that I am now 86, a bit too old. However,
it has crossed my mind, I could Fly to Knoxville, rent a car, drive to Townsend, get a Motel and enjoy
Cades Cove again!

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