Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site
As seen in 1988


Bavaria was a beautiful pleasure trip except for the Dachau Concentration Camp, but there is a need to know to prevent this atrocity from ever happening again. To accomplish this task, the infamous prison has been transformed into a Memorial and Museum to show the World the Horrors of it all.

The 1200 year old Town of Dachau is Damned by the Concentration Camp, the Citizens had no say about it, they were told by Nazis’ that Prisoners of War would be held there – it turned out to be part of the Holocaust. It has given the beautiful town a horrible stigma. When it was liberated by Allies, towns people were taken there to witness and they puked at what they saw – it turned their stomachs. The holocaust must never happen again.

The Mayor and Town Map of Dachau which is located in Bavaria about 20 miles from Munich.

Entering Dachau Concentration Camp.

This monument memorializes the emaciated tortured prisoners and sits at the Entrance of the main Museum Building.

All Museum Buildings were formally Nazi Soldier’s quarters. These Buildings Housed the Officers, troops, Mess Hall, and horrible
Medical Experiments. Separate Buildings were used for unclothing, “Showers” (Gas Chamber), Gold teeth removal and Burning of the bodies.

The Museum had many Enlarged photos many as large as 5 feet tall. You never forget the beating scenes & beating sticks,
and the medical experiments with brains removed and laying on the table for studying by Doctors.

The Lady is standing on a foundation of a Prisoner’s Barrack. They were large and many. One was left standing. The rest demolished.
Community shelf double-deck beds of wood with no mattress, no heat, probably given a blanket, weak soup and a piece of bread, in a word – misery.

This shows the magnitude of the operation and how many prisoners they were handling. Prisoners were used for hard labor and then exterminated.
In addition to the Holocaust at Dachau, several thousand Russian Soldier War prisoners were machined gunned and pushed into a mass grave.

This monument is in Honor of all the Holocaust Victims that perished in Dachau Concentration Camp. It is located near the Death Buildings.

This is part of the Death Building and contained a Gas Chamber resembling a large bath area with Shower Heads and sealable door. After entering and the
door sealed, the shower heads emitted deadly gas. Visitors were uneasy in there and kept looking at the door even though it was open. It was good to get out.

Clothes, shoes, boots, Jewelry and gold teeth were salvaged.

Bodies were burned here. Three Crematoriums are shown. A Holocaust must never happen again.

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