London is a fun place with lots to do and plenty to see.
Big Ben, Parliament are in photo and Westminster Abbey is aross from Parliament (not shown).

This is part of the Parliament Building.

The Queen's Parade grounds accommodate the frequent parades and ceremonies that occur.

A lovely Park with Flowers, birds and Water Fowl of all kinds and enjoyed by everyone young or old.

Walking from the Parade grounds through beautiful St. James Park,
we end up at Buckingham Palace.

Rear view of The Tower of London Castle which contains several Museums including the Crown Jewels and are sight to see.
It is where King Henry VIII had his wife, Anne Bolen beheaded in 1536 for treason against the King in the Court yard. The
Beefeaters (Yeomen Warders) in their famous outfits, Live there, operate the Tower and answer questions for the visitors.

The Tower of London Bridge is at the front left of the Castle and spans across the Thames River as shown at right.

There are four of these Lions symmetrically spaced and lots of Pigeons at this popular place.

Picadilly Circus - An Island at center of large intersection, a gathering for young folks (like Times Square in U.S.).

The Borough Of Greenwich - Easily spend a day here to see the Prime Meridian instruments, Naval Museum, Naval Academy, Cutty Sark and the town.

A convenient way to get to Greenwich is by the "Foot Tunnel".
The Dome shaped buidings at each side of the Thames contain an elevator (and Security Guards)
which allows access to the foot tunnel under the Thames to the borough of Greenwich.

The famous Cutty Sark, a merchant ship (later a trainer) which sailed during the 1800s to the Orient is preserved in drydock.

Greenwich is home to the Royal Observatory, Prime Merridian (zero longitude) and the Greenwich Meantime (GMT) Standard.
Shirley and I are standing in the East and West hemispheres and kissing - cool!

Crossing the English Channel to the Continent.

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