Family Camping Trip Photos

Northeast Areas
Acadia National Park is on th rocky coast of Maine at Bar Harbor. Camping in a Pop-Up - fun trip!

We could see the Lobster Fishermen tending their Traps a hundred yards off the Coast.
Dined at a Clam Bake consisting of steamed Lobster, Clams and Corn on the Cob - very tasty.

After Bar Harbor, we drove to Niagra Falls, then Gettysburg, then Home.

Smoky Mountains
Rest and Recreation!

Riding a mountain Trail on horse back is good.

A 2.5 mile hike to get to Abrams Falls- you sleep good at night.

Riding the Scooter in the valley was fun and much less work than riding the Bicycle.

"Charles Bunion" as it is known, is an all day round trip hike and you will sleep well in the evening.

These folks bring their own horse and ride off on a Trail. Some will camp overnight on the trail with the horse. These folks know how to have fun!

It can be Chilly here in Fall!

Western Areas<>

Somewhere in Arizona or Utah - got out of car and snapped photo.

Bryce Canyon, Utah - absolutely beautiful.

In a word - awesome!

Kids job - set table - forgot to fold the table cloth.

Not Snow - minerals in the water flow.

Kaibab trail to the Colorado River, Had to turn back. You need tons of water to successfully make the round trip hike.

Blowout! Had to drive 300 miles to Amarillo before finding my proper tire size to have a spare again. Scary.

Ocala National Forest

Juniper Springs - a lovely place to spend an afternoon.

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