Germany and Switzerland

Germany is a nice place to visit and everyone speaks English in the big towns. Travel was by car with a good map
and staying at Zimmer Fry (bed & breakfast) Inns is the thing to do. Knowing a few courtesy words in German lets them
know you are polite and interested in their culture. We found the German people have high standards and like Americans.

The Rhine
This is Pfalzgrafenstein Toll Station until 1865. It is built on the middle of the river with boat traffic on both sides. It was never
destroyed, although this area introduced the fall of Napolean. It also survived WWI & WWII. The sign says "Car Exit". Not
shown at left is a Ferry Boat Station at river level. Exiting cars drive up a ramp near that sign to get to the river front drive.

The Rhine and Mosel River Valley is known for their Wine. Vinyards are seen on the sloping hills along
both rivers. The Wine barrel in the photo has the local community's names: Loreley and St. Goarshausen.

The castle at top of the hill is the medieval Marksberg Castle near Koblenz. It
is in excellent shape, very interesting and one is able to drive up and tour it.

This is at a Rhine town called Boppard. Germans love a street festival on Saturdays.

Mosel River
In the Hills, Off of the Mosel River Valley is the beautiful castle called Berg Eltz.

Another medieval castle in excellent condition is above the town of Cochem on the Mosel.

A beautiful walled-in medieval town - Rothenburg ob der Tauber.

Downtown Munich - Marienplatz Glockenspiel.

Linderhoff Castle near Munich.

The Linderhoff estate includes a Chapel in a Cave.

King Ludwig II's Nueschwanstein Castle is difficult to photograph. During a tour
of the Castle we were told that King Ludwig II, with mental problems, drowned himself.

A professional aerial Post Card shot in Winter is a much better view of this German landmark.

We drove across the border a short way into Austria and Wow!

Finding this nice Austrian lake scenery we deciced to have lunch.

More Austrian scenery.

Switzerland - Lucerne & Alps

Lucerne - 3 Languages spoken here German, French and Italian, you might say 4, since everyone knows English.

It's summer here but a little jacket or sweater comes in handy.

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