Greece and the Greek Islands

Greece (mainland)
After hiking up to the Acropolis, we find the Parthenon, completed in 438 BC, still standing beautiful. Amazing!
The Parthenon was dedicated to the Greek Goddess, Athena, who is Considered to be protector of the Greek people.

This beautiful building is located near the Parthenon, much of the marble siding was stolen by theives long ago.

That's a lot of meat to be hanging outside, close to the street. I believe meat is sold in the morning and closes about 2pm.

The ruins at Delphi is a must see. It has beautiful scenery and was the home of the Oracle,
a Temple that the Greek people would consult on important or personal affairs.

More great scenery at Delphi.

An ancient Amphitheatre at Epidaurus with excellent acoustics where Greek dramas are still being played.

Our ship is ready for boarding passengers at Paraeus to Cruise the Greek Islands of the Aegean Sea.

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