Construction of:
The Mike O'Callaghan & Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge
at Hoover Dam near Boulder City, Nevada

Following, are Construction photos of The Mike O'Callaghan & Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge shown above.

To facilitate construction, 2 sets of supporting towers(4 towers) on each side of the River were erected.
One set is for supporting the two material Hoists and the other set is for supporting the double Bridge Arch under construction.

Two Tower sets (for 1 side of the River) shown here are temporary and dismantled along with the
cables when Bridge construction is complete.

These men are working at a very high and dangerous altidude and must have love for this kind of Construction work.

The Arch nearing completion shown on this photo.

The last segment of the Arch is shown in place on this photo.

Dismantling of Support Towers in progress. Only two cables per Tower on this Photo.

All support Towers and Cables are dismantled and Cables removed on this photo.
The center span of the Roadbed is in progress.

The two sets of the material Hoists remain to complete the roadbed on this photo.

Bridge Construction Finished. Kudos to the designers and workers for a magnificent job.

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