The Netherlands (a.k.a. Holland)

Amsterdam, a friendly and Fun place to visit. It's different, no language problem and easy to get around town on trolleys (trams).

This is Central Station. You can go anywhere on the European continent (even London across the channel) from this station.

Amsterdam is built on a system of canals and very picturesque.

Canal boat tours are popular and a good way to see some of the City along with riding trams to different "Pleins" (City Squares) around town.

A typical Plein area.

Amsterdam is blessed with several small & picturesque Draw Bridges. This one opens at right, Counter weight is at upper left.

This cool one is brewed here and is one of the best.

This Bridge opens on left and counter weight is on upper right.

Dutch artists Rembrandt and van Gogh are featured at The Rjiksmuseum and the van Gogh Museum, respectively.

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