A Wonderful place to visit, especially Rome, Venice, Pisa and Florence. Because of the horrendous traffic
in Rome and the Language & Road Sign difficulties, obtaining a Tour is the best and safest way to visit Italy.

St. Peter's Basilica - tour the Vatican to see Michelangelo's Sculpture Pieta and Sistine Chapel ceiling paintings.

A popular site in Rome, the Trevi Fountain appeared in the movie "3 coins in the Fountain".

The Roman Coliseum had a wood floor with a sand top. Below the floor were
rooms for Animals and prisoners for providing the horrible entertainment.

Ruins of The Roman Forum from the days of Caeser.

Ruins of The Roman Forum from the days of Caeser.

A beautiful building, probably a Church.

There is something about a Gondola boat ride that women think is romantic.

Normal Tilt of Pisa due to a foundation problem long ago that made it famous.

Photo with camera rotated to balance out the tilt. A beautiful Tower!

On top of Pisa and holding-on for dear life.

Florence is very Interesting With Lots to see.

Many Statues in the court yard are good copies with the real ones in Museums.

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