Happy Fourth of July!

Please scroll downward to find the Declaration of Independence.

Celebrate Independence from England - 1776.
Stars and Stripes Forever! .... God Bless America!

General George Washinton

At Valley Forge, PA

At York Town, VA

G. Washinton's tomb at Mount Vernon, VA.

G. Washinton's statue at Washington Circle in Wash., DC.

Fire Works display over Washington.

..... and on the lighter side, Celebrate the 4th-of-July traditionally with a BBQ & Watermelon!

Don't forget the cold beer, smother those ribs in thick sauce, and thump your melon!

Have a Contest to see who can spit the seeds the farthest! .... Kids love It!

..... and on the Patriotic side, Celebrate the 4th-of-July traditionally, but please remember it
is our Nation's Birthday and been around for 240 years as of 2016.

Dear God, please Bless America and help the World come to a lasting resolution of it's enormous problems. Amen.

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