Lockheed Martin Career

Time flies when you're having fun. So it seemed as the time passed by so quickly.

My career of 34 years in Electronics at Martin Marietta was from October 1958 to January 1993. A dream job of technical intrigue working with talented people of all diciplines creating Defensive weapons for our Country is the best way I can describe it. It was satisfying and an honor to work with these fine people and every project was a Team effort. The Orlando Division product area primarily consisted of Fire Control Systems, Aircraft and Missile Systems.

The Company began as the Glenn L. Martin Co. of Baltimore, MD. The Company expanded with two brand new Plants, the Denver and Orlando Divisions and changed the name to The Martin Company. I joined The Martin Company, Orlando Division in 1958. Later, upon a Merger with American Marrietta of Atlanta, the name became Martin Marietta with new corporate products in Chemicals, Aggregates, and Aluminum. Shortly after my retirement, a merger with Lockheed Aircraft, changed the name to Lockheed Martin and is the largest Defense Contractor in the U.S.

The following Photos and info below are some limited memorabilia I kept over time long ago.

Glenn L. Martin with his first Aircraft during the 1920s.

Recognition for an electronics patent used in a Laser Ranging device.

Invitation to Company Honor's Night held in Washington, D.C.

People attending Honor's Night in Washington

Recognition for 25 years of service.

Recognition for 30 years of service and Luncheon.

A few of the programs I was involved with follow below.

Evaluation of fighter plane targeting pods on a modified airliner.

Project team for the above targeting Pod project.

The Company's Corporate Jets (two) which I had the privilege of traveling in a few times.

Degree, Diplomas and Certificates.

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