A Map of the Middle East
the Terms ISIS and ISIL.

The Term ISIS

ISIS is an acronym for the: Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.
Refer to the Map. ISIS is the first Terror Group to build
a State and Army from territory seized in Iraq and Syria.

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The Term ISIL

ISIL is an acronym for: Islamic State of Iraq and the LEVANT.
Refer to the Map. The Term LEVANT refers to the other Countries
along the Mediterranean Eastern Shore that includes Turkey, Lebanon,
Israel, and Eygpt. Israel is at the center of the Levant Countries.
Usage of the Term ISIL tends to Downplay Israel's sovereignty as
a non-Islamic State.

Re: http://www.mediaite.com/tv/chuck-todd-knows-why-obama-prefers-isil-to-isis/

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