Israeli Prime Minsister Benjamin Netanyahu


The Israeli Prime Minister addressed The United States Congress in early 2015 and has now
addressed Congress as many times as Sir Winston Churchill.

He Enlisted in the Israel Defense Forces at the age of 18. Served in an elite commando unit
and went on to fight in three different wars for his country.

He earned degrees in Management and Architecture, from two of the most prestigious schools
in America — Harvard and MIT. He would go on to work for Boston Consulting in 1976, as
a coworker of Mitt Romney and eventually becoming a personal friend.

One of the most successful Israeli politicians, he has held these positions:

o Deputy Chief of Mission, Israeli Embassy in Washington, DC (’82-’84)
o Ambassador of Israel to the United Nations (’84-’88)
o Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs (’88-’91)
o Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office (’91-’92)
o Chairman of Likud, Leader of the Opposition (’93-’96)
o Prime Minister (’96-’99 & ’09-present)
o Israeli Foreign Affairs Minister (’02-’03)
o Israeli Finance Minister (’03-’05)

Serving in an elite Commando unit, he fought in three wars for his Country.

Special forces assaulting a terror compound.

Lieutenant Netanyahu during a ceremony to honor the Soldiers from his Sayeret Matkal commando unit.
Here he is greeted by then Israeli President Zalman Shazar.

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