New York City - April 4th - 11th, 2014

Welcome to New York City.

Above, is the borough of Manhattan, the other 4 are Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn and Staten Island.
The 2013 population of the 5 boroughs is above 8.3 million - larger than some Countries.

Missing from the photo are the World Trade Center Twin Towers which were destroyed by
terrorists on September 11, 2001.

The River on the left (West side) is the Hudson. The River on the right is the East River.
In Manhattan: The Streets run East and West. The Avenues run North and South. The exception
is: Broadway runs diagonally South to North and "Times Square" is where Broadway meets 42nd St.

Another exception is 4th St. which runs East to West to 6th Ave, then goes diagonally and ends
very near 14th St. So, Manhattan is very easy to get around, especially with a Mass Transit
Authority (MTA) Map for Subways and Buses. An unlimited 7 day Pass is available for $30.

The large scale (aerial) photos such as the one above are obtained from the Internet and the more
local photos are likely to have been taken by myself or spouse.

It was a very enjoyable trip, once you get to know NYC "it calls you back". I lived in Brooklyn
during 1955 and 1956 while attending school in Manhattan. I have fond memories of friends and
experiences I had there in that time frame. I will never forget them - friends forever.

Our last trip was about 20 years ago and we wanted to see NYC one more time because of our age.
We hope you enjoy the photos and captions.

Because of the Airport hassles with the Airlines, TSA inspections and
beautiful Geese like these that caused Capt. Sullenberger to make his
heroic landing on the Hudson, we decided to travel with AMTRAK which
conveniently arrives in Penn Station at mid-town Manhattan.

Orlando AMTRAK Station. It is an overnight trip of about 20 hours.
We took beverages and snacks to make sure we slept good on our
overnight trip. Our Train, Silver Meteor, makes several short stops to
pickup/drop-off passengers at Jacksonville, Savannah, Charleston, Richmond,
Washington, Baltimore and Philadelphia before arriving in NYC, its final destination.

Silver Meteor arriving from Miami to pickup 200 hundred Orlando
passengers in the waiting room.

Arrival at Penn Station at underground level. Train comes
in from New Jersey in a Tunnel under the Hudson River and
underneath Madison Square Garden before arriving at Penn Stn.
Most folks watching a sporting event are unaware of the train
activity beneath them!

This is next level up - the ticketing and waiting lounge area; and the top level is the Street area.

Hotel Pennsylvania, is just across the Street from Penn Station
at 34th & 7th Ave. A very convenient location for accessing Subways
& Buses. A block away, at 34th & 6 Ave, is Macy's (Herald Square);
and the landmark Empire State Building is nearby.

Manhattan NeighborhoodsThe Boroughs

Camera is North shooting towards South from top of GE Building at Rockefeller Center.
For orientation, in this scene, River on the left is the East River.

Camera is in Brooklyn at East River.

In this scene, East River is on the right side.

Times Square Area where 42nd St, Broadway and 7th Ave meet.

Our sight seeing begins with a 3 hour full circle boat cruise around Manhattan.
Following, are a few of the photos taken.

It was cold and windy on the Bow. Spouse was
comfortable in the Windowed cabin area.

Easy to take World Trade Center pix from the Hudson. Difficult at street level.
Seven New Buildings will comprise the new WTC. Five are under construction, two
are not started yet - more Funds are needed. The Memorial is completed - many visitors.

It is very cold out here folks!

Our boat is now at the Southern tip - "Battery Park" area and soon to be going up the East River.

The Verrazano Narrows Bridge linking Brooklyn with Staten Island with the Atlantic Ocean a short ways beyond.

Staten Island Ferry heading to Port.

Boat is now on the East River.

The old and famous Brooklyn Bridge - It was first suspension bridge for NYC.

This is the Manhattan Bridge - Marvelous, a double decker! My subway used this bridge.
First deck: Two lanes of Train Tracks; Three lanes of motor Vehicles; and Two more lanes for trains.
Second deck: Two lanes for vehicles over the Train lanes; and Two lanes for vehicles over the other Train lanes;

United Nations Building - 20 years ago, Spouse and I walked in and visited the UN.
Today, a tall Security Fence with several armed guards. Special Pass required for entry.
Still possible to visit by applying in advance for the pass (the office is at a different location).

To allow certain boat passage, this Bridge rises horizontally by cables and pulleys.

To allow certain boat passage, this Bridge rotates 90 degrees horizontally by a large circular gear at center.

The George Washington Bridge - on the Hudson again. Back to pier 83, boat tour is ending.

Macy's 34th Street entrance, there is another entrance on 6th Avenue at Herald Square and perhaps others.

This area is known as the Flatbush area and is much like old Hyde Park in Tampa.

This is the house I lived in on Argyle Road while attending school in 1955 and 1956.
All the folks of the old neighborhood are gone. I spoke with the Lady next door
for 30 minutes. She (Lady) had been living there for 20 years and got to know my beloved
Landlady Jeanette Andrews. Sadly, she informed me Jeanette had passed away 10 years ago.

Working our way to the Memorial center. Heavy security.

The Memorial is a bit different - A 20 ft. deep square pit with water falling on all 4 sides.
You have to get used to it. Each person must get a free ticket, then proceed to about 6 check
points to finally enter Memorial. They are protecting you and the new Buildings being constructed.

Please notice the name Todd M. Beamer under the little American Flag. This is the heroic
person that led the assault against the terrorists on the 3rd plane that was going after the
White House or the Capitol. With his words "Lets Roll" he led the group to bring down the
Plane saving Lives, Pride and National Landmarks.

Rockefeller Center (RFC) is a large complex, greater than one square block, containing Radio City, NBC,
Ice Rink, Stores, Food court, etc. It's where the huge Christmas Tree and the NBC "Today Show" is located.

Radio City Music Hall, where spectacular shows and the Rockettes perform.

Shown, is only about a fourth of the NBC Studio's Lobby. Their 87 story building is
in RFC. Security guards check for a required pass for entry into the elevator corridors.
Below this level, open to the general public, is a popular food court with many Tables,
chairs and very clean restrooms. There were, easily, 1 or 2 thousand taking a break there.

The RFC Ice Rink just about to end it's Winter Season with May just around the corner.

St. Patrick's Cathedral, across 5th Ave., from RFC is being cleaned and reburbished - inside and outside.

Unsightly scaffolding engulfed the Cathedral.

NYC Public Library.

Grand Central Station.

Inside Grand Central Staion. The next level down, not shown, are
about 10,000 folks having Lunch in restaurants and cafes. Popular!

Herald Square

The front entrance to Central Park South (59th Street).

Skating rink was closed for a private party according to a posted sign.

Cute little guy foraging for food.

Oink Jones

Father Francis Duffy - A life of Service to God and Country.

"Give my regards to Broadway" - and that's where they placed his Statue! George M. Cohan known for his Music.

Going Home!

This Landmark is the Masonic Temple in Alexandria, Va., across the Potomac from Washington.
I lived a half-block away while working in Virginia. I snapped picture from my seat on the train.
Came out great considering the train was moving about 25 mph.

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