Old Pictures

This is the Liner Queen Elizabeth in NY Harbor at end of WW II filled with GI's returning home from the war.

A boy and two big Lobsters caught on the New Jersy Coast in 1916.

The Mona Lisa painting opened again afer being hidden from German Troops in ~1939.

Longacre Square, New York 1903. It was renamed Times Square one year before Times News moved in.

A Priest praying over some of the recovered bodies from the Titanic tragedy.

Queen Elizabeth II tests a big Gun.

Eiffle Tower construction in Paris - 1880.A young Bill Clinton meets President John F. Kennedy.

Charlie Chaplan and Albert Einstein.Funeral Procession of president Franklin D. Roosevelt - 1945.

Filming the first MGM Logo.The First WalMart 1962.

This is how it is done! Golden Gate Bridge - 1937.Burial of loyal Dog in Japan. Walked to train station daily to
meet his Master for 9 yrs. Due to Master's death, he failed to
return from work. Dog attemped to meet Master for 9 years.

William Harley and Arthur Davidson on their machines in 1914.A more recent model of a Harley Davidson motorcycle.

Ernest Hemingway Passport in 1923.Actress Audrey Hepburn shopping in Beverly Hills with her pet Deer.

Queen Elizabeth WW II Service to her Counrty.

Mount Rushmore work in 1937.Frank Sinatra asking Lou Gehrig for his autograph in 1939!

Apple Computer creator Steve Jobs with Microsoft creator Bill Gates.Stephen Spielberg on set of "E.T" with Drew Barrymore.

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