Old Pictures II

The Queen of England and Prince Phillip - same brooch, same pearls, same love.

Hans Christian Anderson

Winston Churchill, 1895

Mahatma Gandhi, dancing.

Sophia Loren of Hollywood Fame.

Albert Einstein

John Wayne, 1930 (aged 23)

Elizabeth Taylor of Hollywood Fame.

Alfred Hitchcock of Hollywood Fame.

Paul Newman, served in the Pacific in WWII.

Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow, notorious Criminals.

Confederate General Robert E. Lee.

Royals of the U.K., William, Diana and Harry of the Castle of Windsor.

Edgar Allen Poe posing with Abraham Lincoln 1849.
Mr. Poe, a writer, was known for his Poetry and Short Stories,
particularly mystery and macabre.

Ernest Hemingway, also a famous Writer, is shown here as an
American Red Cross volunteer during WW I, 1918.

Mark Twain, age 15 in 1850.

Shown, is a young Teresa who became a Catholic Nun and spent her Life caring for the poor of the poorest in Calcutta, India.
She became renowned throughout the World as Mother Teresa and Honored in the Roman Catholic Church as Saint Teresa of Calcutta.

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