PHS Class of 1953

*** 59th Reunion Luncheon Page 1.***
Plant High Class of 1953
at the Colonnade April 28, 2012
Tampa, Florida
Welcome Panthers!

..."Praise Her to the Sky" ...

Remembering Lou, Joe and Bill

Sally and Lou Giacobbe
Joe Heyck & Joan
enjoying the 30th Reunion.
Mary and Bill Bellis enjoying the 2010 Luncheon.

Upon arrival the mingling begins. It can start occurring in the parking lot,
porch, lobby or in the dining room - wherever Panthers see each other!

Ann Kelton with Husband Dave Krotchko ann Ann Einbinder ...... Harvey and Beechy Hall

The Luncheon opened on a sad note because of the recent loss of Lou Giacobbe, Joe Heyck, and Bill Bellis
in that order. May they rest in Peace. Class President, Ernest Castillo, called on Rev. Gerald Voye to
bless us and our departed friends.

Ernest, also revealed plans for a special 60th Reunion and asked us questions to get a feel for how much
money folks would be comfortable to pay per person for this special weekend of celebration. More information
will be forthcoming as the plans develop. Rest assured our Committee are good planners with years of experience.

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