PHS Class of 1953

Elementary Schools

1946 - 1947

Tampa, Florida

Mitchell Elementry - Mrs. Baer's 6th Grade Class - all names not known.
In 1st row - Frankie Six, Sonny Wright, Wilfred Vazquez, Jim Woodruff, Frank Gonzalez, Vernon Mosby, Jackie Carter, Sally Hawkins
In 2nd row - Wesley Cumins, Buzzy Hughes, Jimmy Peoples, Ann Cowart, Barbara Henderson, Anita Anderson
In 3rd row - Bryce James, Gene Stivender, Mrs. Baer, Emily Griffin, Sharon Talbot, Sylvia White

A photo from Mitchell Elementry School -- Barbara Henderson, Henry and Margaret.

One of the Classes of Gorrie Elementary School -- can you find yourself in there? Not all names known.
Standing are - J.A. Murray, Edward (Buddy) Wade, David Zielonka. Sitting: Nancy Robertson


Ken Carithers blowing bubble gum with Joan Sargeant and Nancy Robertson in 1947
at Lake Ellen. They were about 12 years old and it was about 63 years ago from 2010.

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