PHS Class of 1953

*** Henry Bradley Plant ***
A Man who helped develop Tampa and our High School's namesake.

Henry Bradley Plant

Our School is named after the gentleman who built a conglomerate system of Railroads in the Tampa/Central Florida area completed in January of 1884. This system of railways brought the business, commerce, communication, and tourism to Tampa required for its growth and prosperity. In the words of Mayor D.B. Mackay, "Tampa owes everything to its God-given Bay and to Henry Bradley Plant".

Henry B. Plant had left an indelible mark on the history of Tampa Bay and the entire State of Florida. The legacy lives on today in namesake landmarks and locations: Plant City, Plant Hall at the University of Tampa, H.B. Plant High School, and Morton Plant Hospital, named after Plantís only son. In 1987 a bronze statue of the proud mogul was erected at H.B.Plant High School as a centennial tribute to one of Tampaís leading forefathers, Henry Bradley Plant. Tampaís growth and development have burgeoned in the century since Henry Plantís arrival.

H.B. Plant High School was completed in 1928. Our Graduating Class of 1953 was the 25th Anniversary of the School's operation. It continues today as one of the best High Schools being recently awarded a Five Star rating from the State of Florida. Also, recently it was named as one of the Top 50 High Schools in the United States by Newsweek Magazine - for the sixth year in a row. The Class of '53 is proud to have graduated from this fine School.

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