PHS Class of 1953

First Annual Luncheon

*** 56th Reunion April 25, 2009 ***

The Colonnade - Bayshore Blvd, Tampa, Florida

The Colonnade Today

Our Colonnade
1951 - 1955

A favorite hangout for Classmates to have a treat and socialize after the Game, Dance or Movies. During our era, the Colonnade was primarily a Drive-in Restuarant, but with counter, juke box and table service offering hamburgers, fried chicken, pie and shakes and the Colonnade original .... an olive in your Coca-Cola all under huge shady Oak trees with a tray at your car door window.

It was a fun place for us then and now, for the April Luncheon, .... as memories will come to mind as friendships are renewed.

No longer a Drive-in, the Colonnade is now a famous Seafood Restaurant. It is a pleasure to meet here for the Class of '53 Luncheon.

The Fun begins as Classmates mingle upon arrival.

The Student Body

Ken Neads, Bob Taaffe, Carolyn Straub, Mary Parsley

Mary Parsley, Mary Lou Risener, Betty Frame & Pat Hilliard

Gwen Lockler & daughter, Annlyn Jones, Shirley Fernandez, Malcolm Smith

3 Musketeers - Nancy, Joan & Ricky

back: Willie & Sally Vazquez.
front:Billy Symmes with guest Paula Rumph

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