PHS Class of 1953

Missing Classmates

We pray these Classmates are well and that Life has been good to them over the years.
If you can help locate any of our missing classmates please contact one of the following:
Joe Heyck, Wilfred Vazguez, Sally Villar Giacobbe.

1. Adams, Claire
2. Adams, Marilyn (Brown.
3. Balis, Nancy
4. Ballew, Betty.
5. Bildhauar, Wilhelmina
6. Billings, Fred
7. Chait, Neil
8. Coffee, Elizabeth
9. Cornelius, Joe
10.Courtney, Mary.
11.Crosby, Joan
12.Found & Removed
13.Dunbar, Lois
14.Fernandez, Dorothy
15.Fineberg, Barbara
16.Gonzalez, Frank
17.Found & Removed
18.Greene, Jo Ann
19.Hampton, Wesley
20.Hudgins, Frederick

21.Hudson, Kenneth
22.James, Bryce
23.Jones, Carol
24.Kicklighter, Evelyn
25.Lesniak, Ray
26.Le Vaye, Shelia
27.MacCartee, Dale
28.Mederos, Nora
29.Meighen, Robert
30.Morris, Suzanne
31.Found & Removed
32.Murray, Lorine
33.Neisent, Jeannette
34.Found & Removed
35.Oyler, Carolyn
36.Paben, Pat
37.Perdomo, Otto
38.Found & Removed
39.Pervis, Carolyn
40.Pilcher, Dottie (Patrick)

41.Porro, Ronald
42.Found & Removed
43.Scott, Robert
44.Sheppard, Frank
45.Slater, Evelyn
46.Speece, Marjorie
47.Stainer, Elizabeth
48.Steedley, Ronald
49.Found & Removed
50.Street, Dorothy
51.Swindoll, Alva
52.Talbot, Don
53.Terry, Beverly
54.Thomson, Robert
55.VanDuzer, Gretchen
56.Found & Removed
57.White, Jack

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