PHS Class of 1953

The Senior Class Notables

Best All Around
Shirley Morgan and Henry Snead

Cutest Couple
Denny West and Anita Anderson

Most Popular
Joe Heyck and Connie Felicione

Most Sincere
Frankie Six and Ann Kelton

Jack Taylor and Jackie Bartlett

Best Personality
Ken Carithers and Ruth Stich

Most Athletic
Mary Jim Davis and Bill Shields

Best School Spirit
Burks Hamner and Barbara Henderson

Nicest Boy and Sweetest Girl
Ruben Espinola and Madeleine Lock

Most Intelligent
Michael Shepard, Martin Uman, Barbara Buck, Edward Stein

The Foreword from the Silver Anniversary Panther Year Book


It is with much great pleasure that we, The Annual staff of 1953,
present to the student body the 1953 Silver Anniversary panther.

We have labored long and diligently in compiling this annual,
and yet we cannot help but feel our labors have been amply
rewarded as we survey the result of all our work - - - the Silver
Anniversary Panther. In the years to come, if one person shall
derive pleasure from looking once again at his classmates of old,
then surely our labors shall not have been in vain. If, in the
distant future, one forgotten friendship be renewed through glancing
at the pages of this annual, then, too, our efforts will have been
generously rewarded.

We present the 1953 Panther, then, with our most sincere hopes that
it will be a continual source of pleasure both now and in the many
years to come - - - both now and then.

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