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The Class of '53 will always remember our Classmates who have expired before our
65th Reunion. Many have been Called Home as may be seen at our "In Memoriam" Web
Page. May God Bless them and grant us a Heavenly Reunion when we are all gone.

The Class of '53 is deeply grateful for the Faculty at each School along-the-way,
whose professional dedication prepared us for the great responsibility ahead.
We Thank You Dear Teachers and we will never forget you!

Alma Mater

Neath the Pines of Palma Ceia
Near the Bay's deep blue,
Stands our noble Alma Mater
Glorious to View.

Gather now and lift your voices
Praise her to the Sky,
Hail to thee our Alma Mater
Hail, all hail, Plant High!

"Neath the Pines of Palma Ceia" - PHS nearing completion in 1927 and about the time when Mattie Eddington
began her Career as our Cafeteria cook and then Honored in our Silver Anniversay year book. We love you Mattie.

"Near the Bay's deep blue"

"Stands Our Noble Alma Mater Glorious to View"

Events of the 65th Reunion

Thursday, April 19-23, 2018. A Western Caribbean Cruise to
Cozumel, Mexico on the Ship Carnival Paradise. This event is
presented herein as Page 1.

Monday, April 23, 2018 - Columbia Restaurant, Ybor City at
11:00 AM - Mingling and Lunch with friends. This event is
presented on Page 2.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018 - Palma Ceia Golf and Country Club at
6:00 PM for heavy Appetizers and Beverages. This event is
presented on Page 3.

The Sky Line approaching Cruise Terminals of Port Tampa Bay.

The Cruise Terminals of Port Tampa Bay.

Cruise Ship Carnival Paradise.

Where the '53 PHS Reunion Crowd will spend most of their time - The Blue Iguana Tequila Bar!
Notice at the center behind the wood post, the barefooted Guy in Shorts, singing with the Guitar?
Yep! This is the place to be sipping your tequila and wishing you were 25 again!!

left to Right: Patty & Ken Neads, Carter Gudal, Karin & Richard Jeter, Nancy Robertson, Norm Conti,
Sally Villar (Giacobbe), Pete & Shirleen (Sasser) Wait, Mary Parsley, Bob Stella.

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