Herein, the PHS Class of '53 66th Reunion 2019 Cruise to Key West and Cuba;
and upon return to Tampa, a Luncheon at the Columbia Restaurant.

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Alma Mater

Neath the Pines of Palma Ceia
Near the Bay's deep blue,
Stands our noble Alma Mater
Glorious to View.

Gather now and lift your voices
Praise her to the Sky,
Hail to thee our Alma Mater
Hail, all hail, Plant High!

The Sky Line approaching Cruise Terminals of Port Tampa.

The Cruise Terminals of Port Tampa.

The Cruise begins and so does hell-raising by the PHS Class of '53! Key West, Cuba and the Ship will never be the Same again!

Key West - Glad none of this motley crew are behind the Wheel, parked in front of Sloppy Joe's.
Sloppy Joe's is where Ernest Hemingway hung-out when not in "Cuber". President JFK used to
pronounce Cuba - "Cuber"! Hilarious, with much due respect for JFK.

Wow! look at the Smiles on those faces! Gotta be having a good time!

Our Gang posing with "Jose Marti" a poet and novelist who helped Cuba against Spain (Google).

Safely back, Cruise and non-Cruisers meet at the Columbia with lots to Talk about.
Lots of mingling going on like Nancy, Joan, and Ricky, also known as the 3 Muskteers.

The PHS Class of 1953 in 2019. 66 Years is a long Time. May God grant us many more. Go Panthers! Amen.

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