PHS Class of 1953

*** 60th Reunion ***
Saturday, April 20, 2013
Lunch at the Colonnade
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Happy Willie, Floyd flirting with Pudge Rocky, Rosie flirting with Carter Gudal and Penny Hancock tickled by it all.

Richard and Charlott Harnett traveled from New Mexico to join the 60th Reunion.

Norm getting cuddly with Nancy. In background, Rosa Lou is chewing someone out, Ruben is dreaming about the Turkey Day game of '52!

Bill and Barbara Johnson.

Ron Wood and Spouse, Ken and Patsy Kneads, Robert Taaffe.

Jerry Garmen with husband Gale Porter, Gale is an HHS Terrier (Swimming Team), but has been an Honorary Panther for 6 decades.

Eugene Spinadel with lovely wife enjoying it all.

Joann Henderson Hoppe, Ruth Stitch and Mary Parsley enjoying all the mingling!

Henry and Carole Classmates since Mitchell Elementary.

Robert (Bob) Scott

The Colonnade in 1960 when "drive in" curb service was popular.

Helen and Frank Hawkins.

Richard and Karin Jeter.

Lucy Council with husband Jack.

Shirley Russell and Dale Salsbury just heard a good one!

Pricilla Haffner Broxson with daughter Yvonne.

Gil Gonzalez '52 and Joan Searjeant - maximum Reunion enjoyment!

Rosa Lou D'Arpa with sister (standing) from Virginia.

Mary and Anne - a couple of hell raisers back at Plant!! (kidding)

Sylvia Weaver Scott with daughter Terri.

The Davis Island Pool in 1939.

Gwen Locklar traveled from Crystal River to make the 60th Reunion.

Ely and John Phillips greatly enjoying the 3 day Reunion. All the guys
what to know where he found the Fountain of Youth!

Ralph Steinberg with spouse Marlene Greenberg

Elaine Mikler with husband Ken Belliveau Traveled from Chagrin Falls, Ohio.

Betty Frame and Louise Risener.

Rev. Gerald Voye with friend.

Kudos to Bill Shaw, Sally Villar and other Committee members who worked hard to make the 3 Days of Reunion a huge success.

Nancy, Ricky and Ely Phillips (traveled with John from Spring, Texas).

Plant Park near Hillsborough River and Lafyette St. Bridge in 1920.

Las Novedades 1958 - a popular place to take a Date or attend a Banquet.

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