PHS Class of 1953

Class of '53
61 Year Reunion
Saturday, April 26, 2014
Lunch at the Colonnade

Class of '53 Signatures - Do you remember where you signed?

Chaotic mingling going on! Carter, Rosie, Penny, Mary, Joan, Ricky (Anne Marie), Billy, Ed Linebaugh & Spouse.

Fitz Rawls pondering his next move!

Pudge Rocky and Mary Parsley Bellis catching up.

Carter Gudal with Anne Einbinder, Alice Shepard, Gerald Voye, Shirleen in background.

Alice Shepard waving, Shirleen Sasser with husband Pete Wait.

Penny Hancock, Denny West, Mary Parsley Bellis.

Robert Taaffe, Chuck Schwaner '52, Floyd Juster and Ron Wood.

Sally GiacobbeAnn Hankinson (Schwaner) with Floyd Juster.

Mike Shreve/Harris and Carter Gudal holding hands ... hmmm?; Mary and Anne chatting at the table.

Mike has Carter by the arm, poking a finger into Billy Symmes and Billy is wondering "what the ....."?

Alerted by the committee to be seated for ordering lunch, Bill Shaw opened the luncheon with words of Welcome, sad news of
the passing of classmates over the last approximate year: Ron Dimery, Bob Gordon, Barbara Henderson, Delores Hood, Freddie
Lou Lewis, Malcolm Smith, George Truitt, and Edward (Buddy) Wade. Classmate Rev. Gerald Voye delivered the Blessing.

Everyone enjoyed their lunch and conversations with friends. It was a fun experience with people looking ahead to next year!

Floyd and Sandy Juster, Ken Carithers having a good time.

The Carters', the Spinadels' and the Linebaughs' enjoying the Reunion to the fullest of friendship!

Sally Vazquez and Willie showing-off his brand new "Plant Hi" shirt!

Rev. Gerald Voye, friend, son Brian and Alice Shepard enjoying companionship.

Billy Shaw and Ken Carithers discussing World Problems, Politics and most
importantly - College Football which starts in just 4 months!

Bert & ShirleyMr. & Mrs Ed Linebaugh.

Priscilla Haffner, friend, Sylvia White and Rosa Lou D'Arpa joking around!

Willie, Rosie and Ricky.

More than a High School Reunion, Sandra Lavin '52 and Humbert Fernandez '53 renew their friendship that
started in 1940 at age 5 and 6 as close neighbors in Tampa. We grew up together! Our families' were
also good friends. It had been about 25 years since the last time we saw each other. It was a blast to see
and chat with Sandra again.

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