PHS Class of 1953

*** 62nd Reunion *** Happy 80th Birthday ***

Friday, April 17, 2015 - Palma Ceia Golf and Country Club
7:00 PM Appetizers and Cocktails.

Saturday, April 18, 2015 - Colonnade - Luncheon Menu
11:15 AM - Mingling and Lunch with friends.

Both events Documented herein as Page 1 and 2.

Palma Ceia Golf and Country Club

Happy 80th Birthday Card from us to us!

A decorated Birthday Cake was created for the occasion and enjoyed by all.

Hungry Panthers are about to invade the Buffet Table, yes, they'll eat the table too!

The 3 Musketeers ride again - one for all, all for one!

Willie and Ed Linebaugh discussing when their next Golf game will take place!

Richard and Karen Jeter with Frank Hawkins who traveled from Decatur, GA.

Carter Gudal enjoying an evening of friendship and fellowship with Classmate Nancy.
Carter traveled from Somerset, KY to attend both events.

Apparently, Joan Searjeant is telling a "good one" with all the attention from Sally, Bill and Mary Cay Mayer.

Joan speaking with Ruth Stitch while Carole Turner and Fitz Rawls pose for the picture.

Eugene and Cay Spinadel intermingled with Bill Symmes and Paula Rumph!

Tomi and Fitz Rawls having a great time!

Elanor (Ely) Phillips chatting with Rosemary Hurley.

Floyd and Sandy Juster with Bill Shaw and Mary Cay Mayer.

Mike Harris, Bernie Kantor, Anne Einbinder, Evelyn Harris and Rosie Hurley.

Mary, Ricky and Bob Stella.

My-oh-my! ...lovely ... lovely ... lovely!

Patsy Neads and Sylvia White enjoying Cake!

Here is a hint if you don't know their names by now - Nancy, Joan, Mary & Ricky.

John and Ely Phillips traveled from Spring, TX to attend both days with Classmates.

Sally and Frank Hawkins doing some catching-up.

Joan with Henry Snead also known as "Big'Un" on the Football Team.

Willie with spouse Sally Cook Vazquez.

Mary Parsley and Bob Stella.

Ricky and Nancy huff and puff to blowout the one Candle behind the 80 on the cake!

Eugene Spinadel and Willie talking about the good times at Plant Hi!

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