PHS Class of 1953

*** 62nd Reunion *** Saturday, April 18, 2015
Page 2. Lunch at the Colonnade.

After some serious mingling, the Class of '53 was finally brought under control, by the committee, to be seated for ordering
lunch. Bill Shaw opened the luncheon with words of welcome, introduced Classmate Rev. Gerald Voye to deliver the Blessing.

Rev. Gerald Voye also recited a poem he wrote about the Class of '53. Everyone enjoyed their lunch and conversations with
friends. It was a fun experience as always and the Classmates are looking ahead to next year!

Ruth Stitch, Carole Tarnow, Janice and Ed Linebaugh.

Eugene and Cay Spinadel.

Sally Villar with her bodyguards Bill Shaw and Carter Gudal.

Pete Wait with spouse Shirleen Sasser; Ely and John Phillips traveled from Spring, TX.

Ken and Patsy Neads; Nancy and Norm Conti - traveled from Belle, Fl (Suwannee River).

A prime example for the Term "Party Animals" - Carter Gudal and Committeeman Bill Shaw.
Carter traveled from Sumerset, Kentucky.

Pudge Rocky and Mary Cay Mayer.

Ruben and Jean Espinola.

Peter and Shirleen Wait with Willie.

Rev. Gerald Voye and Fitz Rawls.

Robert (Bob) Scott and Brian Voye.

Alice Shepard, Joyce Schonbrun, Diane Achenbach and Paula Whitney.

Bob Stella, Mary Parsley, Richard and Karen Jeter.

Sylvia White, Priscilla Haffner, Guest, Mary lou Roos.

Prize winning Photo! Exudes Happiness, contentment and good attitude! - Rosemary Hurley and Ethel Friedman.

Don and Rachel Worthington.

Ken and Mary Carithers.

Bernie Kanter, Anne Einbinder, Anne Marie (Ricky) Seegers and Sally Villar.

Willie Vazquez and Bill Symmes. Bill traveled from Miami.

Mary Cay Mayer, Paula Rumph and Sally Vazquez.

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