PHS Class of 1953

*** 63nd Reunion of the PHS Class of 1953***

Friday, April 29, 2016 - Palma Ceia Golf and Country Club
6:30 PM Appetizers and Cocktails.

Saturday, April 30, 2016 - Jackson's Bistro - Luncheon Menu
11:15 AM - Mingling and Lunch with friends.

The Friday event at PCG&CC is Documented herein.

Palma Ceia Golf and Country Club (PCG&CC)

The front entrance of our beloved PHS. PHS and PCG&CC are approximately a mile apart.
The photo was taken about 30 minutes prior to the start of the Reunion.

The Track and Football field photo was also taken at about the same time.

Sylvia Weaver, Yvonne Perkins daughter of Pricilla Haffner with our chaperon Gil Gonzalez '52.

Ed Linebaugh, Willie Vazquez, Bill Shaw with Mary Kay Mayer, Floyd Juster

Bill Symmes chatting with Rosemary Hurley.

Mary Kay, Ken Carithers, Patty Neads chatting with Karin Jeter.

Janet Linebaugh, Mary Carithers, Alice Shepard, Shirley Fernandez

Karin and Richard Jeter, Carole Tarnow, Carter Gudal, Annlynn's husband Julian Byrd,
Gale Porter and Janet Linebaugh

Jerry Garman speaking with Bob Stella, and Sylvia Weaver relaxing on the Sofa.

Gil, Ruth Stich, Bill Crowder (Ann Cowart's husband).

Joyce Schonbrun, Nancy Robertson, Norm Conti, Dale Salsbury, Ricky (Ann Marie) Seegers,
Henry Snead, Pete Wait, Shirleen Sasser Wait.

Sylvia, Margie Hill

Sally Vazquez, Ed Linebaugh checking-in with Janet and Willie devouring his Cake.

Gilbert and Joan Searjeant Gonzalez.

Humbert and Shirley Shughrue Fernandez

Rosemary Hurley and Floyd Juster having fun!

Ann Cowart with husband Bill Crowder and Julian Byrd husband of Annlynn Jones.

Joan, Carter Gudal, Sally Vazquez, Sally Villar Giacobbe, Bill Symmes.

Gale Porter (Jerry Garman's husband) and Sally Villar Giacobbe.

Bill Shaw, Alice Shepard, Humbert, Margie Hill's daughter and Willie.

Janet Linebaugh, Mary Carithers and Shirley Fernandez.

Joyce Schonbrun and Mary Parsley, chatting with our Pianists.

Bill and Rosie mingling about.

Ed Linebaugh and Willie lining up a Golf game.

Unable to attend the 63rd Reunion, Aileen Wilson Kelly sent us a few
photos from the 30th (1983) and one from the 50th (2003) for us to enjoy.

It is incredible that 33 years have passed since our 30th Reunion. Who
would have thought the PHS Class of '53 would be here years and years after the
30th Reunion years?

Congratulations to the Class of '53 and hope we have many more. We will
miss the Colonnade, but it will become another good memory of our Plant Hi years.

Aileen's photos follow below - Enjoy.

From 30th: Marilyn Heyck, Jim Kelly, Aileen Wilson Kelly, Joe Heyck

From 50th: Ann Cowart, Joan Henderson, Aileen, Bill Crowder, Jim Kelly

From 30th:
Ann Cowart, Henry Snead, Shirley Morgan, Annlynn's husband Julian Byrd

From 30th: Annlynn Jones and Prudie Dunn

From 30th: Aileen, Henry Snead and Shirley Morgan Snead.

From 30th: Willie Vazquez and Grayson Miller.

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