The Presidents of the United States

In numerical order with Dates of Service.
The Photo shown is that of the President only.
No Photo of the Vice President is shown,
unless He becomes Presidnt at a later date.

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Pres. ## . . President's Name . . Date of Service . Vice-President's Name . . President's Photo . . . Important Comments . .
# 01
George Washington
1789 - 1797
John Adams
A County land Surveyer and
Gentleman Farmer, appointed to
the rank of General by Congress.
Defeated the British in the
War of Independence.
The U.S. is now a Nation.
Image placed on Mt. Rushmore.
# 02
John Adams
1797 - 1801
Thomas Jefferson
Helped draft Declaration of
Independence. As diplomat in
Europe helped negotiate
Peace treaty with G. Britain
acquired Loans from Dutch Banks.
# 03
Thomas Jefferson
1801 - 1809
Aaron Burr
Helped draft Declaration of
Independence. 1st Sec. of State;
2nd Vice Pres; 3rd President.
responsible for Louisana Purchase
Image placed on Mt. Rushmore.
# 04
James Madison
1809 - 1817
George Clinton
The Father of the Constitution
also drafted the Bill of Rights
co-founded the Republican Party
Sec of State under Jefferson.
Led the Nation through
the War of 1812.
# 05
James Monroe
1817 - 1825
Daniel D. Tompkins
A Major in U.S. Army,
Known for the Monroe Doctrine,
"disallowing further European
Colonization" starting U.S.Foreign
Policy. Made 2 long trips promoting
Natioal Trust known as
the "Era of Good Feeling".
# 06
John Quincy Adams
1825 - 1829
John C. Calhoun
Sec. of State under
Pres. J. Monroe
a Diplomat and Minister.
He was a Senator for
the State of Massachusetts.
Negotiated acquiring Florida
for the U.S. He was the
Son of Pres.#2 John Adams.
# 07
Andrew Jackson
1829 - 1837
Martin Van Buren
Served the War of Independence
and War of 1812. victorious
over the British in
the Battle of New Orleans.
promoted to Major General
helped elect him as President.
# 08
Martin Van Buren
1837 - 1841
Richard M. Johnson
He was a U.S. born Citizen
from the Dutch town of
Kinderhook, NY and continued
speaking Dutch at home.
He was one of the founders
of the Democratic Party.
He had a reputed and
stunning skill as a Politician.
# 09
William Henry Harrison
John Tyler
He died in Office. It began
the Line of Succession Act
later updated to include
the Speaker of the House.
# 10
John Tyler
1841 - 1845

Apparently, None.
Pres #9 died in Office.
Born in Va, he served as
Governor, U.S. Representative,
Vice President and President
of the U.S. He was the
first Vice President to
become President due to the
death of his predecessor.
Pres. ## . . President's Name . . Date of Service . Vice-President's Name . . President's Photo . . . Important Comments . .
# 11
James K. Polk
1845 - 1849
George M. Dallas
Governor of Tennessee
U.S. Speaker of the House
Pres. Polk oversaw the greatest
Territory expansion of the U.S.
Texas in 1845, Oregon Treaty
with G. Britain in 1846
and the conclusion of the
Mexican - American War in 1848
# 12
Zachary Taylor
1849 - 1850
Millard Fillmore
Died in Office.
Known for Battles in the Mexican War.
Led the Nation during debates on
slavery and Southern secession.
# 13
Millard Fillmore
1850 -1853

Office Vacant.
Thrust into Office after the Death
of President of Zachary Taylor.
President Fillmore was the
last Whig Party member to hold
Office in the White House.
# 14
Franklin Pierce
1853 - 1857
William R. King

Died in Office.
A northern Democrat who saw
the abolitionist movement as
a threat to Unity of the Nation.
Growing violence between
pro-slavery, free-state, and
Abolitionists exsisted and
known as "Bleeding Kansas".
It showed Pres. Pierce to be
ineffective. He could not
unite the Nation after
the Kansas - Nebraska Act.
# 15
James Buchanan
1857 - 1861
John C. Breckinridge
A Democrat; Served in the U.S. Senate
and in the House of Representatives
before becoming President.
# 16
Abraham Lincoln
1861 - 1865
Andrew Johnson
A self-taught Lawyer, Legislator
and opponent of Slavery
was elected shortly before
the Civil War. He played a
key role in the Emancipation
Proclamation and the 13th
Amendment which ended Slavery.
Victorious in the Civil War
He is regarded as one of best
Presidents of the U.S. He was
assassinated by John Wilkes Booth
a Confederate Sympathizer.
His Image is placed
on Mt. Rushmore, the Penny,
the $5 Dollar bill and the Lincoln
Memorial in Washington, DC.
# 17
Andrew Johnson
1865 - 1869

Term served without V.P.
He was Vice President at time of
Lincoln Assassination, thus became
President. There was no
constitutional provision for
appointing a new vice president.
He served his Term without one.
He was the 1st Presidnt to be
impeached for high Crimes and
Misdemeaners. He escaped
conviction and not removed from
Office. His actions led to
creation of "Radical Reconstruction".
# 18
Ulysses S. Grant
1869 - 1877
Schuyler Colfax
Served as a Statesman,
Army General and President.
He symbolized Union Victory
during the Civil War.
There was lots of Drama during
Grant's 2 Terms in Office.
He tried to Annex the
Dominican Republic as a Military Base,
a sanctuary for freed Slaves,
and a Market for U.S. Goods,
but the Treaty Stalled in the Senate.
In addition to the Dominican Republic
issue, Grant had to grapple with,
Reconstruction, the KU Klux Klan
and the threat of War
with G. Britain and Spain.
# 19
Rutherford B. Hayes
1877 - 1881
William A. Wheeler
Governor of Ohio, Congressman
and President of the U.S.
Seriously wounded in Civil War.
An Abolitionist (want End of slavery).
A lawyer who defended runaway Slaves
and favored assimilation of the
Western Indians per the Dawes Act.
Saw ending of the Reconstruction Era.
Ranked as average President by
Historians and Scholars.
# 20
James A. Garfield
Chester A. Arthur
U.S. House of Representatives (Ohio)


Served Mar. 4, 1881 - Sept. 19,1881
Pres. ## . . President's Name . . Date of Service . Vice-President's Name . . President's Photo . . . Important Comments . .
# 21
Chester A. Arthur
1881 - 1885
Thomas A. Hendricks
Attorney, Politician and President.
He succeeded Garfield's untimely death.
President Arthur was 1 of 5
Presidents that were never elected,
and served nearly a full Term.
Early in his Term, Pres. Arthur
learned he had a Fatal Kidney
disease and died 2 years
after leaving Office. BIO lists cause of
death as a cerebral hemorrhage.
# 22
Grover Cleveland
1885 -1889
Thomas A. Hendricks

Died in Office in1885.
The only President to have served
two non-Consecutive Terms as
President of the U.S.
His 1st Term:
Filling Job appointments; using his
Veto power in fairness for the
Govt. or the People; Silver or Gold
to backup Currency; Tariffs;
Military Policy, Indian Affairs;
Civil Rights & Immigration;
and Marriage to Francis Folsom
age 21, the youngest 1st Lady ever.
# 23
Benjamin Harrison
1889 - 1893
Levi E. Morton
Colonel in the U.S. Army; A
Republican politician and Senator
from Indiana. During his Term in
Office he administered: Civil Service;
Tariffs; Antitrust Laws;
Civil Rights, National Forests;
Native American Policy;
Annexation of Hawaii.
During Tenure, 6 Western States
were admitted to the Union.
# 24
Grover Cleveland
1893 - 1897
Adlai E. Stevenson
The only President to have served
two non-Consecutive Terms
as President of the U.S.
Pres. Cleveland's 2nd Term began
with an Economic Panic and Silver
Issue caused by increased coinage
of Silver. After 15 weeks of debating
Congress repealed the Silver
Backing of Currency and sale of Bonds
replenished supplies of Gold;
other issues of 2nd Term
were Tariff Reform; Voting Rights;
Labor Unrest; Annexation of Hawaii.
Honor and Memorials:
Postage Stamp, $1000 Gold backed Bill
A Town and School in Mississippi:
Cleveland, MI; Grover Cleveland
Middle School.
# 25
William McKinley
1897 - 1901
Garret A. Hobart

Died in Office.
Republican; Governor of Ohio;
U.S. Congress; Pres. McKinley's
popularity increase by Victory in
the Spanish - American War and was
re-elected, but was Assassinated
6 months into the 2nd Term and died
of gangrene 8 days after the fatal
shots. He was Shot at an Electrical
Exposition at Buffalo, NY. while
greeting VIP's at the reception line.
# 26
Theodore Roosevelt
1901 - 1909
None (1901-1905)

Charles W. Fairbanks (1905-1909)
Theodore Roosevelt not yet Presdent,
with Washington politicians worried
about Security began pressing for
National Security regarding Cuba,
Carribean and Pacific areas. A U.S.
Battle Ship "Maine" exploded in
Waters near Cuba and Led to Out-Cries
for Spain to be ejected from Cuba,
beginning the Spanish-American War
after Pres. McKinley gave up hope
for a peaceful solution. Theo.
Roosevelt still not yet Presdent,
resigned as Sec. of the Navy to be
leader of a temporary Calvary Unit
called "Rough Riders". Theo. Roosevelt
trained his few horsemen to fight
with U.S. infantry (with clip-fed
rifles). Roosevelt pesonally
led the U.S. troops in Open-Field
causing the Spaniards to abandon
their positions. Colonel Roosevelt
referred to the battle as "the most
important Day in My life".
President Theodore Roosevelt served
Term items: Railroads; Pure Food
& Drugs; Foreign Policy; Media
Quotes: "Speak softly and carry a
big Stick, you will go far".
"Believe you can and you are halfway
there. Do what you can,
with what you have, where you are".
Image is displayed on Mt. Rushmore.
# 27
William Howard Taft
1909 - 1913
James S. Sherman

Died in Office.
Ohio Lawyer; Republican; Yale BA;
Cincinnati Law School; Sec. of War;
Provisional Governor of Both - Cuba
and the Phillipines; Judge of U.S.
Court of Appeals; Solicitor General
of the U.S.; Served Term Items:
Foreign Policy; Tarrifs; AntiTrust;
Civil Rights.
# 28
Woodrow Wilson
1913 - 1921
Thomas R. Marshall
A Democrat; Pres. of Princeton Univ;
1st Term - Women's Sufferage,
Federal Reserve Act, Federal Trade
Commission, Occupation of Veracruz,
Day Light Saving Time.
2nd Term - Dominated by Entry into
World War I. Austria-Hungary, Germany,
Espionage Act, Armistace with Germany
concluding the Treaty of Versailles.
# 29
Warren G. Harding
1921 - 1923
Calvin Coolidge
Republican; Lt. Governor of Ohio;
U.S. Senator fom Ohio;
Eroded his popular regard as did
revelations about affairs with
Mistresses and other scandals.
Harding died of a heart attack
during his first term
and was succeeded by his
Vice President Calvin Coolidge.
# 30
Calvin Coolidge
1923 - 1929
Charles G. Dawes
Republican; Lawyer; Born in Vermont,
but worked his way up in Massachusetts,
eventually becoming Governor.
Coolidge restored public confidence
in the White House after the
scandals of his predecessor's
Administration and left Office
with considerable popularity.
Pres. ## . . President's Name . . Date of Service . Vice-President's Name . . President's Photo . . . Important Comments . .
# 31
Herbert C. Hoover
1929 - 1933
Charles Curtis
Civil Engineer, Businessman and
Politician. He served during the
Great Depression and it was the
central issue of his Presidency.
Hoover pursued a Variety of Policy
in an attempt to lift the economy,
but all his remedies to improve
the U.S. econmy failed and set
the stage for Hoovers overwhelming
defeat by Franklin D. Roosevelt
who promised a "New Deal."
Quote: "Older men declare War.
But it is the Youth that must
Fight and Die."
# 32
Franklin D. Roosevelt
1933 - 1945
John N. Garner 1933
Henry A. Wallace 1941
Harry S. Truman 1945
Born in Hyde Park, NY Jan 30, 1882;
Died in Warm Springs, GA Apr 12, 1945;
A Harvard graduate; served as president
for 12 years; and is the only
President elected 4 times; He led
the U.S. through 2 great Crises of
the 20th Century - the Depression
and World War II.
Famous Quotes taken from Speeches:
"The only thing we have to Fear
is Fear itself."
"When you come to the End of your Rope,
tie a knot and hang on."
"Take a method and try it,
If it Fails, admit it frankly,
and try another, But
above all, try something!"
# 33
Harry S. Truman
1945 - 1953
Alben W. Barkley
Owned a haberdashery and 600
acre Farm; U.S. Senator (Missouri).
Briefly, Vice Pres., then became
President Truman Upon the Death
of F.D.R., WW II not yet Settled.
A few weeks later, Germany
Surrendered.With a planned
Colossal invasion of the Japanese
Islands, Truman approved the use
of Atomic Bombs to save U.S.
and enemy Lives. The Enemy
Surrendered immediately upon usage
of Atomic Bombs and many
thousands of lives saved.
Truman supported having the United
Nations in 1945. The Soviet Union
(J. Stalin) became the Cold War
enemy especially with the Berlin
Blockade. Truman oversaw the
Berlin Airlift of 1948.
N. Korea invades S. Korea. U.S. troops
were thrown back by Chinese Troop
Intervention. The War stalemated
at the 38th Parallel. Truman orders
Gen. Douglas MacAthur to White
House to discuss the volatile
situation. MacArthur recommends
destruction of N. Korean and Chinese
Nuclear capabilities. Truman Fires
MacArtur for insubordination.
Scholars have ranked
Truman's Presidency as "Near Great".
Today, 2018 Pres. Trump has openly
Warned the World of U.S. Action
regarding N. Korea and it's only Ally.
# 34
Dwight D. Eisenhower
1953 - 1961
Richard M. Nixon
General Dwight D. Eisenhower
Supreme Allied Commander of
the European Theatre of War.
# 35
John F. Kennedy
1961 - 1963
Lyndon B. Johnson

"Ask not what your
country can do for
you, but what you
can do for your
JFK is remembered for his excellent
handling of the Cuban Missile Crisis
when U-2 Spy Planes discovered Soviet
Nuclear Missiles and IIylushin II-28
Bombers capable of reaching Washington.
JFK quickly established a Naval
Blockade of Cuba and Ordered the Soviets
to remove all their weaponsfrom Cuba.
The Soviet Leader at the time was
Nikita Khrushchev, a Crude and
Bombastic person disliked by most, who
on some other issue took his shoe
off at the United Nations and started
banging on the Table demanding what
he wanted.
Khrushchev threatened Nuclear
War against the U.S.
JFK replied in a speech addressed
to the World - We will destroy your
Weapons in Cuba and the Soviet Union
as well, but want the World to know
the Soviet Union Started this War
and don't expect the United States
to be the one who Strikes Last.
Two days later, Khrushchev announced
the Soviet Union was removing the
Weapons from Cuba.

JFK served in 1961 until his death
Nov 22, 1963, assassinated riding
in a Dallas, TX Parade in an open
Convertible with First Lady,
Governor of Texas John Connally
and Spouse. President Kennedy was
rushed to Hospital, but pronounced dead.
Vice Pres. Lyndon B. Johnson,
doing his duty, arranged to be
publicly sworn in as President at
the Airport with both First Ladies
at his side. The Casket
of JFK already on Air Force 1,
all sadly returned to Washington, DC.
# 36
Lyndon B. Johnson
1963 - 1969
Hubert H. Humpfrey
LBJ a Democrat is Remembered for his
"Great Society" Social Programs and
Expanding involvement in Vietnam War.
Confronted by the Opposition
He stunned the Nation by announcing
He would stop the bombing of
N. Vietnam and would not Run for
reelection. He had had enough.
4 Years after leaving Office on
Jan 22, 1973 President LBJ died
of a Heart Attack.
# 37
Richard M. Nixon
1969 - 1974
Spirow T. Agnew

Resigned after disclosure
of Corrupt practices.
Resigned under threat
of impeachment.
# 38
Gerald R. Ford
1974 - 1777
Nelson A. Rockefeller

Nonelected, chosen by a
procedure in the Constitution.
President Gerald R. Ford served
from Aug. 1974 to Jan. 1977 as
replacement for Richard M. Nixon
under extraordinary circumstances
involving the WaterGate Scandal.
# 39
James E. Carter
1977 -1981
Walter F. Mondale
U.S. Naval Officer on Sub;
Managed Family Peanut Farm;
Iran Embasy Hostage Controversy;
ill-fated rescue attempt;
1-Term Pres. over issues.
2002 Nobel Peace Prize.
# 40
Ronald Reagan
1981 - 1988
George H. W. Bush
Captain Army Airforce 1937-45
2 Term Governor of California
2 Term President of U.S.
1st Term assasination attempt
Berlin Wall: "tear Down this wall"
Libya bombing - for killing U.S. AirLiner
End of Life: A State Funeral.
Pres. ## . . President's Name . . Date of Service . Vice-President's Name . . President's Photo . . . Important Comments . .
# 41
George H.W. Bush
1989 - 1993
Dan Quayle
Born in Massachusetts; Following
the attack on Pearl Harbor Dec 7, 1941
he postponed Univ. studies to join
U.S. Navy on 18th B'day to become
the youngest Aviator at the time,
servng until Sept 1945. Attended
Yale Univ. graduating 1948. Moved
family to Texas to enter Oil
Business where he became a millionare
at age 40. Served in the House of
Represntatives; Ambassador to U.N.;
Amb. to China; Dir. of Central
Intelligence; Foreign Policy drove
the Bush Presidency. Military
operations were conducted in Panama;
The Soviet Union dissolved 2 years
later. He lost the 1992 Presidential
election to Democrat Bill Clinton.
# 42
William Jefferson Clinton
1993 - 2001
Al Gore
Democrat; Oxford, Yale Law School;
Att. General of Arkansas.
Twice the Gov. of Arkansas;
He passed several Bills:
Welfare Reform; Children's Health
Insurance Program and more.
Clinton was impeached by the House
of Representatives for Perjury
and obstruction of Justice relating
to a sex scandal involving a White
House Employee. Clinton was
acquitted by the Senate in 1999 and
proceeded to complete his Term in
# 43
George Walker Bush
2001 - 2009
Dick Cheney
Born in Connecticut; Republican;
Yale BA; Harvard MBA; After active
duty service, he flew F-102s with
the Texas Air National Guard 147th
Reconnaissance Wing. Defeated popular
Ann Richards to become Gov. of
Bush signed into Law broad tax cuts,
and funding for AIDS relief.
The Sept 11, 2001 Terror Attacks
that Cost us Thousands of Lives;
Loss of World Trade Center Bldgs;
Severe Damage to the Pentagon; and
Loss of 3 U.S. Airliners,
occurred 8 months into Bush's 1st
Term in Office, Launching the Bush
Docrine of "War on Terror" including
Afghanistan; Iraq; and occurring
during the Obama Term
in Office, the Covert Raid in
Pakistan that killed
"Osama Bin Laden" the Terrorist
Leader of 9-11, for his burial
at Sea by the U.S. Navy.
# 44
Barack Hussein Obama
2009 - 2017
Joe Biden
1st Multiracial Non-White President
born in Hawaii; The 1st
Term started with Democrats controlling
both Houses until 2014 election
when the Republicans won control
of both Houses. In his 2nd Term,
Obama signed a Major International
Climate Agreement and issued an
Executive Order to Limit Carbon
Emissions. Obama also presided
over the Affordable Care Act.
Obama continued to grapple
with Congressional Republicans over
Spending, immigration, and other issues.
Americans, Allied Countries, especially
Israel, did not like the Obama/Kerry
Nuclear Treaty Negotiation with Iran
also requiring a large amount of Cash
and making the U.S. look like a
laughing Stock to the World.
Similarly, Many Ameriicans dislike
the Affordable Care Act and are
demanding a re-call of both the
Nuclear Treaty with Iran and the
Affordable Care Act.
# 45
Donald John Trump
2017 - 2021
Mike Pence
Born June 14 1946; Raised in New
York City (Queens); BS in Economics,
The Wharton School of Penn.
Occupation: Real Estate Developer;
Television Producer; He won his
Presidency by the Electoral College.
Fair and Square per the Constitution.
This made all the Democrats in
Washington, all TV Networks,
All the Boring late Show Hosts and
all the anti-patriotic that don't
stand for the Nat'l Anthem;
It made all those people Insanely
Mad, Vial and Ugly for about
a year and a half now, while being
distracted by Mr. Rocket Man Un
with his Nukes and illegals with
their babies crossing the Rio Grande.
During this Distraction, President
Trump has managed to accomplish this:
Tax Cuts, corporate rate 35% to 21%;
Neil Gorsiech selected for Supreme Ct.
Expand Oil drilling in Arctic & Gulf
of Mexico; Travel Ban for high risk
Muslim Countries; Accepting Jerusalem
the Capital of Israel; withdrawal
from the Paris Climate Deal; pulling
out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership;
Roll-back of Obama's Cuba Policies
to curtail bizarre "Sonic Attacks"
to employees at the U.S. Embassy.
God Bless America.

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