The Space Shuttle

-- NASA Photos of Assembly to Blastoff --

Sent to me by a friend, the photos are placed here for all to enjoy.

Assembling the Space Shuttle begins with the Main Fuel Tank that is supplied by Lockheed Martin - Michoud Louisiana.

The Fuel Tank travels by a covered barge from Louisiana via the Gulf of Mexico around the tip of
Florida, up the Atlantic to the Vertical Assembly in the Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral.

The Tank Barge arrives safely and is docked near the Vertical Assembly Building.

Next, the Tank is mounted in place and the Two Booster Rockets attached to the tanks sides.

The Engines are installed on the Space Shuttle Aircraft.

Next, the Space Shuttle aircraft is hoisted up and attached to the Fuel Tank.

Upon completion, the Shuttle is moved "out the door" to the launching Pad by the Crawler Vehicle.

The white arrow indicates destination and distance away from launching pad.

When deemed ready, the payload (white Box) swings around for loading on the Shuttle.

After setup at Launch Pad and rigorous testing of all systems, the Shuttle is ready to accept astronaughts and blastoff into Space.

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