Great Smoky Mountain National Park 2018

My two favorite Camp Grounds in the GSMNP are Cades Cove and Deep Creek. We would
start camping at Deep Creek first, then move to Cades Cove to fulfil the enjoyment of both.

Deep Creek is known for rushing streams, waterfalls and loop hikes. In Summer, riding
a Tire inner Tube down the creek was great Fun.
Deep Creek is in the N. Carolina part of the Park about a mile from Bryson City.

Cades Cove is known for its 11 mile one-way loop road, wildlife viewing, access to historic
Farms, Grist Mill, Log Homes, Churches, Hiking, Abrams Falls, Horseback and Bicycle riding.
Cades Cove is in the Tennessee part of the Park about a 7 miles from Townsend, TN.

This is the End of the Tubing Run, you get out here and hike 0.25 mile back up to a large
Water Fall and start a new Run over again - much Fun! Brings back lots of memories! For
Safety my Kids would wear a life preserver and their Tubes were tied to my Tube by 2
separate 10 foot ropes - independent, but less than 10 ft. away from me.

The Darnell Farm, is an interesting place, is a stone's throw from Bryson City. It was
having a Fall Festival with fun, games and Hay Rides on a Wagon pulled be a Farm Tractor.

This Couple are making "Kettle Corn". First, they cook the the Corn in the black kettle,
then, pour it in the Copper kettle and process it Sweet n' Salty.

This batch had just been poured in the Copper kettle and the process was about to begin.

Another Hay Ride excursion about to start.

This is the Tuckasegee River, with great Fly Rod trout fishing; and the Darnell Farm
has a very long Frontage along that River, meaning, their land is worth a heap of money.

This is beautiful Picnic Area in the heart of Cherokee. Usually, in mid October
there are a hundred or more of Canadian Geese in these waters, but not this year.

As I drove into the GSMNP on US441, I saw a herd of free roaming Elk.
It was the first time I saw ELK in the Smokies! What a treat!

Sure glad the big Guy didn't Ram me in the Rear-End with that Rack of his!

This couple, from Wisconsin, took my picture with the Elk.
I took their picture with their Camera so they could be in the picture together.

The Oconaluftee Visitor Center at the GSMNP entrance at Cherokee,
has an excellent Museum describing the Life of the Appalachian Settler.

With no Refrigeration, the Settler had to preserve cuts of meat to prevent
starvation during the Winter. The slaughtering and preserving of animals
took place in the Fall and was important hard work. Two methods were
popular: 1) Smoking, wrapping, and hanging it up in a safe place. and 2)
Packing the Raw cuts in a Box with Salt, burying Box in the ground until
needed by the Family.

This was my CampSite (#C37). My rear door neighbor was from Oldsmar, FL.
My neighbor next to my Van's Driver side was from Zepherhills, FL; and the
opposite side of the Van, the neighbor was from Bowling Green, KY; across
the Street from me were 3 families (Sites) from Knoxville, TN having a reunion!
They were all nice folks and we got along great. One of the knoxville ladies liked
my miniature Postage Box, so I gifted it to her the next Day!

The main purpose for the Bucks being there were to graze the delicious grass! But,
between snacks they were messing around learning/practicing how to fight with
one another for when its time to mate with a female or reject the present leader
of the Pack. They would lock antlers and try to twist their opponents Head to a 90
degree angle! You could "See" they weren't really angry - just playing around at this
particular time.

Scenic morning fog can be seen at different places along Cades Cove Valley.

There are 2 or 3 lovely Churches in Cades Cove Valley - this is one of them.

This is the Cable Mill (a Grist Mill owned by Farmer, Mr. Cable and now owned
by the National Park Service). It is a working master piece of a Water Wheel,
Gears and Grinding Stones shown in the next 2 photos. This Exhibit makes
fresh Corn Meal before your eyes which you can puchase and take home with
you to stuff your Thanksgiving Turkey or just make Corn Bread, etc.

Cades Cove abounds with many large plump Turkeys.
Dangerous for Turkeys this time of the Year. Good Luck Bird!

To try to see lots of animals at Cades Cove you need to be on the Loop
by 7:30 a.m. Thats means you skip an early Breakfast and have it for lunch!

I saw no Bears this Trip. I was told at the Office there was an abundance of
Bears this past Summer. Perhaps they are hibernating early?

The Elk and I meet again on the way out! They are still on US441, but
about ~ a mile West of the first encounter. They seem to be Tame and
well mannered, but would be best not to try to Pet them as a serious
injury could result.

Yea! The colors are coming out! They should be good in a couple days, but
I'm in the process of leaving so this is it for me.

This is Tallulah Gorge in N. Georgia, its ~600 ft deep and I always stop here
for a Glance, been doing it for ~40 years, especially today since this may be
my Farewell camping trip. I'm on my way home, God willing, I'll be home
next Day afternoon after a stopover in Eatonton, Georgia.

Atlanta was totally bypassed (going and returning) to avoid the horrendous
Traffic by going through Macon and Athens and continuing to Mountains on US441.

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