Great Smoky Mountain National Park 2019

My Farewell Camping Trip to this Beautiful Park known as Cades Cove.

Family loved, it gave us pleasure and Memories never to be forgotten.

"Tallulah Gorge" in North Georgia just below Franklin, NC.
It means we are in the Hills now and getting close to the "Smokies".
Pulled over, walked across the Road and snapped Pix.

This is in the Heart of Cherokee and these Waters have some Beautiful Trout.

Out of Curiosity, stopped to see what some folks were taking Pixes of in the Woods?
It was two young male Elk with their head-Racks in the early stages. Try to find them.
Both are midway up, but one is near the left margin; the other is just passed center,
behind a rock boulder.

This Pix is nearly the same as the 1st Elk Pix, but one Rack is better in Pix 1; the other in Pix 2.

My Apologies for taking a bad Pix of the Dan Larson Place. The left side of Camera was too low.
The Barn is built on an upgrade; the House on the right is not tilted. The Park Service wouldn't allow it.

Salamanders and other Aquatic creatures lay their eggs on Rocks.

Ran into Yogi Bear, we chatted a bit.

I told him: "probably won't see you again," so I kissed him on the cheek!

Last year I had Site "C37" and now it's C34, so I'm familiar with the neighborhood!

This is Chimney Tops plaque so folks will know what Pix scenery they are taking.
Please compare with the next Pix below!

For comparison, this is Chimney Tops scenery, when a big fat Cloud is present!

Son-of-Gun! - A Herd of Elk! - Enjoy!

I believe I have learned something from this Photo: These are young Elk and I notice around
their Buttock area thier hair color is yellow (like Blondes by Crackie). I've not seen this in full
grown Elk in Colorado nor in the Smokies until now. I have to believe their hair darkens later.

Morning Sun, about 10 miles South of Perry, GA on I-75, parked on Shoulder walked back 60 yards to snap picture.

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