Spain - 1986

Spain's history goes back Hundreds of years, at one time being part of the Roman Empire. Medieval Cities like Toledo still
exist today. Spain's exploring expeditions were responsible for the discovery of the Americas. On a Tour, we visited all
the major cities. After the Tour, we included Oviedo, my grandparents home town and met cousins I had never met before trip.


Royal Palace used for hosting State Dinners.

Break time in Madrid day before Tour starts.

Toledo's history goes back to middle ages and was the capital of Spain until 1536.
This remarkable shot was taken from a restaurant at top of a hill. We visited a Church
with unbelievable art work (next photo). The Gold Work shops and Museums were interesting.

Church Alter (lighting not good for camera).

A still standing Roman Aquaduct at Segovia. No cement is used between the stones. Declared a World Heritage Site in 1985 by UNESCO.

Alcazar Castle. Now a museum with Armor Suits, Swords, Crosss Bows, etc.

The wide walkway in Alicante, Spain is called a "Rambla".

Alicante - Having gone in for a dip, I found the Mediterraneon clean, clear and cooler than the Gulf but warmer that the Atlantic.

Meat Market in Alicante.

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