The Statue of Liberty
A Gift from France in 1886, 100 Years after the U.S. Independence.
Some old Photos and Historical Facts are shown below.

A symbol of Liberty, Human Rights, Democracy and Opportunity. It stands in
New York Harbor, where it has Welcomed millions of Immigrants.

Making the Left Hand Mold in progress at a Paris Workshop.

The statue was designed and built by Frederic Aguste Bartholdi and
the inner Steel Structure by Gustav Eiffle. It is designed in sections
to facilitate assembly, disassembly and shipping to America.

Right Hand section.

The statue assembled in Paris is being checked out.

A base was constructed for mounting the Statue. Construction of Mr. Eiffle's steel supporting structure is in progress.

Overlooking New York Harbor. The landmass is Queens and Brooklyn.

At top is the Verrazano-Narrows leading to the Atlantic. At left is Brooklyn, at right is Staten island.

The Statue of Liberty National Monument is the responsibility of the National Park Service

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip visiting the Statue of Liberty.

Visitors in the Head Crown area.

Probably some sort of maintenance or inspection underway.

Refurbishment and repairs in progress.

To realize the size of Lady Liberty, compare fingers to the men in photo.

100 year celebration of Lady Liberty - 1886 to 1986 as noted on the flag.

First Lady Nancy Reagen enjoying Lady Liberty.

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