Lake Tahoe, Napa Valley and San Francisco; May 2016

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Welcome to Tahoe, Napa, and San Francisco.

To Celebrate our 57th Anniversary we decided upon Tahoe - a place of Beauty and included
Napa - California's Wine Country and San Francisco - The City by the Bay.

The Map above is hard to read, but for orientation, the three areas are pointed out. At the
top right is Reno, a few miles below is the Reno/Tahoe Intn'l Airport (not shown), then Carson
City, Capital of NV, and just past Carson is US50 West to L. Tahoe. We stopped at South
Lake Tahoe at the bottom of the Lake. A very nice City with everything.

The very Scenic Highway US50 took us to Sacramento where we merged onto I-80 and on to
Vallejo. It is pronounced "Va-Yeh-Ho", but the compromise: "Va-Lay-Ho" is what is used. Vallejo
is located Northeast of S.F. Bay and was our "Base" for Napa and San Francisco. We drove to
NAPA, but used the Vallejo Ferry service to avoid traffic and Car parking problems in San
Francisco. The Ferry Port is at the convenient "Embarcadero" Ferry Building where every kind
of transportation is available to take you anywhere in S.F.
It was a very enjoyable trip. Hope you enjoy the snapshots!

We drove to Tahoe first, but saw it last due to foul weather moving in - gloomy, cold and rainy.
According to where the Statelines intersect, about 2/3 of the lake is in California and 1/3 is in Nevada.

Internet photo - Tahoe Keys near South Lake Tahoe.

Internet photo - Winter at Tahoe. There are 7 Ski Resorts shown on Map.

"On the Road again"

Some Scenes around the Tahoe Loop.

South Lake Tahoe.

The beginning of Emerald bay at the Land side.

Emerald Bay Area.

This is Meeks Bay area.

This area is called Tahoe Vista.

This area is also called Tahoe Vista.

This is Kings Beach Area.

This photo was taken somewhere between Sand Harbor and Spooner Lake area.

This photo was also taken somewhere between Sand Harbor and Spooner Lake area.

Some Scenes of the NAPA Valley area.

7 a.m. time to drive 200 miles to Vallejo for visiting NAPA and San Francisco.
Yikes! It Snowed the night before! There will be a delay to clear the snow with
Motel Towels! The snow was a surprise.

This is the car parked behind my rental car. It hadn't been cleaned off yet.

Driving to Sacramento on scenic US50 West. The trees had snow on their branches
making it more scenic.

Continuing on US50 towards Vallejo.

After a pleasant 200 mile trip we arrive at Vallejo, leaving I-80 at the CA37 exit.
Then leaving CA37 for our Motel (circled on Map). From Motel, Napa Valley is about
15 miles North on CA29; or about 3 miles South on CA29 for the San Francisco Ferry
in Vallejo. It was simple and easy for us getting around in Vallejo.

Vineyard workers tending the crops.

Wine is a big Business in Napa and they produce excellent Wine according to my taste buds!
The distance from South to North Napa Valley where it is grown is 25 miles. It is not only
grown on the land adjacent to the Highway, but far back on the sloping Hills of the Valley.
Having seen vineyards along the Rhine and Mosel, the Napa vineyards are on par with those of

This is the NAPA River that runs all the way to Vallejo (San Francisco Bay).

This is River Front walk way at the City of Napa.

River Front Walk way.

A Fish biting an artificial Lure of a frog.

A retired couple over-looking the Napa river sitting over their Rose garden. Life is good!

Some Scenes of San Francisco.

This is the Ferry from Vallejo to the Port of San Franciso (SF), the center of town at Market Street,
practically next to the Bay Bridge that links Oakland with SF. The Catamaran style ship was - clean,
comfortable and fast. A oneway trip of 25 miles takes only one hour and the two-way service is from
5 a.m. to 8 p.m. at 1 Hour intervals, the Ferry has a Food bar with breakfast, sandwiches, etc.,
passengers may ride on the 1st or 2nd level cabin. Passengers can not ride outside the cabin at
front or sides, but may ride outside at rear of ship mostly for taking photos. I did take a few.

This is the Bay Area showing Vallejo at the top right. The 1st bridge the Ferry passes under is called
The Richmond-San Rafael Bridge. Interestingly, San Quentin Prison is near the foot-of-the-Bridge on the
San Rafael side.

A while later, the Ferry passes by Alcatraz Island, and then the Golden Gate Bridge comes into view. But,
it is about 6:30 a.m., there is some fog and it's a couple miles West of Alcatraz! If you want to see a
good photo of the GG bridge - I suggest the Internet.

Lastly, The Ferry keeps plowing along nearing the San Francisco - Oakland Bay Bridge, makes a right turn
and parks the Ferry at the Port of San Francisco and our Day is about to begin.

This is the big Picture. With exception of the GG Bridge, most of what visitors would like to see is in the
Northeast quadrant of town, bound by: Vann Ness Ave to Fisherman's Wharf to Embarcadero to Market Street.
We casually got to visit: Wharf, Pier 41 and 39, Alcatraz (from the Wharf) Embarcadero, Lombard Street,
China Town and Union Square all by using Cable Car lines, Street Cars and some foot walking.

This Map and the next 2 are easy to read. At upper left, notice the "curviest" Lombard Street. It is oneway
downhill with many curves to make it safe to drive. That Block is located at Hyde & Lombard and is Residential.
It is a tourist attraction.

Union Square is a great place to rest, get a refreshment, visit Macy's or a remarkable Apple Computer Store.

We mostly used the Cable Car lines Shown, 2 Street Car lines plus some light walking.

No motor or engine. No pollution. To move: grip underground Cable. To stop: ungrip cable, apply brakes.

On the way to SF, we just crossed under the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge.

Alcatraz Island.

Early morning Golden Gate Bridge.

we are approaching the San Francisco - Oakland Bay Bridge.

Port of San Frncisco and Ferry Building.

As we reach the Port, a Squadron of Pelicans fly overhead!

Outside of Ferry Building

Palm trees & Pelicans were not expected in San Francisco and happy to see them!

Market Street

Shirley about to enjoy a trip on a Cable car.

Like Hills galore!

Last Stop on Powell St. line, then walked half-block to Wharf Pier 41.

Pier 41 crab vendor.

Alcatraz in background.

Seals at Pier 39.

Not a cage, the seals are free to come and go. Like a Country Club for Seals. They are safe from Predators here.
They only leave to hunt for bait fish (Herring?) and they themselves are food for Sharks in the Bay.
It's a jungle out there!

Seal with man cleaning fish for handouts. The Seal and man appeared to be Buddies!

Cable Car Turn Around Terminus. Works like a Lazy Susan.

Middle of Hyde Street photo with Alcatraz in background.

Oneway (down) Lombard Street with a series of "S" curves for safety.

China Town

China Town is very interesting from the Bakeries, Restaurants, upscale Oriental Clothing,
Upscale Chinese furniture with inlays and Gold paint work to the beautiful China Figurines
for the Home.

Near the start of China Town is a sidewalk Plaque commemorating the Barbary Coast.

It's 6 p.m. and the Ferry is returning us to Vallejo. The well known Triangular building is the background.

Our final photo as we depart is the Oakland-San Francisco Bay Bridge.

Farewell San Francisco

The next Day, we revisited Lake Tahoe which was cut short on our 1st Day by bad weather.
The Tahoe photos are placed at the beginning of the Web Page to keep the chronological
order as it should have been.

We hope that you have enjoyed our photos and we Thank God for granting us a safe and
enjoyable 57th Anniverary trip.

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