The Tenacity Of Trees

*** Trees manage to Survive as you shall see! ***

Music: "Morning"

A Place Of Enchantment

This Palm Fell Over and Curved Right back Up Again.

This Tree Fell Over And Cloned Four More Trees!

The Only Tree On the Beach that Survived The Tsunami In Japan -
Now Protected And Restored.

Tree Of Life - Olympic National Park, Washington

A Tree's Root Spill Over the Sidewalk.

An Amazing Tree grows out of a Rock.

This Tree is growing Through a Speed Limit Sign.

This Tree refuses to Die.

This Tree Still has its Leaves in Late Fall - because of the Night Light shining on it!

Life Finds a way UP!

Tree Roots Extend to the Mainland for Nutrients.

Street, Curb and Sidewalk!

Abandon Temple in Cambodia!

This Tree is ignoring a Disaster!

Someone hung their Skates on this Tree when it was younger.

Tree in a Rock Pit. Something dropped a Seed in There.

This Piano has seen its better Days.

What Winter?

Tree Eating a chain Link Fence.

Another Fence eaten by a hungry Tree.

. . . and finally, a hungry Mountain eats a Tree.

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