Thank You President Donald Trump

Following is an interesting "Thank You Note" sent to me by a High School friend.

Received as an email, it is too good to be deleted and is posted here to share this
"Thank You Note" with others.

The originator is unknown, but highly appreciated and hope this posting is to his
or her satisfaction.

Thank You President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump

Dear President Trump, I want to take a minute to say thank you. Regardless of the
outcome of this election, you deserve my gratitude.

Thank you for not plunging the US into another war.

Thank you for walking through HELL and back for the American people.

Thank you for doing it for free.

Thank you for working through the night while my family was tucked safely in bed.

Thank you for standing strong and staring adversity in the face.

Thank you for keeping GOD in the country I love.

Thank you for not backing down when the weight of the world was against you.

Thank you for putting your family in the line of fire when you didn’t have to.

Thank you for standing up for women.

Thank you for not being a politician.

Thank you for being raw and even sometimes too much.

Thank you for standing up for the unborn.

Thank you for caring about the little guy.

Thank you for working harder than any president in my lifetime, ever has.

Thank you for your service to this country. You were part of some of the greatest days
of my life.

Thank you. Win or lose I am a fan. You have fulfilled every promise you have
made to us and for that I am thankful. May GOD always bless you and your family.

Thank You From a grateful nation, and for being a part of my life’s journey!!

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