U.S. Nuclear Deterrent Triad

- Land, Air and Sea -

Why Do We Have a 3 Branch Nuclear Capability?

It reduces the chance of an Enemy First Strike attack from Destroying our Nuclear delivery System
and it gives the U.S. the Capability of launching multiple strikes againts multiple Enemies.

ICBMs such as the Minuteman III are in Hardened Silos in several areas of the United States.
The Land System works in conjunction with NORAD which uses a massive RADAR and Satellite system
to provide early warning of an incoming strike against the U.S. The System includes retaliatory
protocol and is operative 24 hours a Day, 7 Days a week with Trained shift Crews.

Minuteman ICBM in Silo . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . and in flight for Test.

Aircraft such as the B1 and B2 are at Strategic Bases fully loaded, fueled and ready to Fly to
their Mission Targets at a moments notice by the present Crew on duty for that Aircraft.
The Crew must be near the aircraft, together all times, eat, rest, etc., and jump into their
assigned Car to speed to their Parked Aircraft on the Runway!
The B-2 is the only U.S. aircraft that combines long range, large payload and stealth in a
single platform, giving it the ability to project air power anywhere in the world. It can fly
6,000 nautical miles unrefueled and 10,000 nautical miles with just one aerial refueling.
The Air system must also be operative 24 hours a Day, 7 Days a week.

B52 ... B1... B2

The U.S. Navy has 18 of the most deadly and feared weapons ever created. Meet the Ohio-class
submarine, these 18 weapons are also known as "Trident" subs because they're a part of
America's "Nuclear Triad" that can lurk anywhere in 2/3rds of the Earth's surface made up of
Ocean water.

Feared because of its capable Destruction and Covert cruising expanse.

Submarine out at Sea with with its Missile hatches normally closed.

Missile is breaking water at an Angle and on its way after launched from a submerged Submarine.

Missile is breaking water straight-up after being launched from a submerged Submarine.

Nuclear Reactor Power Source

Submarines with a Reactor Power Source does many good things for the Ship and crew, but does not provide food.
Food is the Provision that determines the length of the crew's Patrol out-at-sea which is typically 3 months.
The Reactor only needs to be refueled about once a year and produces for the Ship and crew electric power,
oxygen, water and turns the Sub's 2 turbines which drive the rear propeller shaft. The Reactor allows the
crew to Patrol out at Sea for a long time.

Each Sub has two trained Crews - Team A and Team B. One of these, Team A for example, will patrol for its
time then go back to it's Port to be resupplied and then, Team B goes directly back out to Sea. This
ongoing swap is a very powerful element. It means the Subs are virtually operating undercover continuously.

left to right: propeller, shaft, turbines & gears, generator and Reactor compartment.

Music: Armed Forces Medley by the USAF Band.

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