The Willys Jeep

Work Horse of the U.S. Army for World War II.

The U.S. Army Jeep - with Unbelievable Versatility.

Following, are Interesting Photos of the versatile U.S. Army Jeep.

The Photos were received as an email, too good to be deleted and posted here to
share this bit of United States history with others.

The originator is unknown, but highly appreciated and hope this posting is to his
or her satisfaction.

The World Famous Jeep produced by Kaiser Willys and Ford for WW II.

One of the first military vehicles mass-produced in the United States, the Willys MB (and
Ford GPW) US Army jeep is the culmination of war-time ingenuity, standardization and
strategic personalization for transport of personnel and cargo. Soon to become the
universal, "world-famous" jeep, the Willys MB and Ford GPW models were very effective
on the ground, with many standardized features such as 6.00x16 tires, 60 horsepower at
4,000 rpm, a gasoline can bracket on the left rear, provisions for trailer lights, a blackout
light system and sealed spring shackles. Production Total: 361,339 (Nov. 18, 1941 to
Sept. 21, 1945).

Prior to the production of the MB/GPW, other attempts were made to satisfy the Army's
need for a light utility vehicle including specifications that the vehicle have: four-wheel
drive, a crew of three on a wheelbase of no more than 75 inches and tracks no more
than 47 inches, a fold-down windshield, a 660 lb payload, and an engine capable of 85 ft lb.
of torque, along with an empty weight of no more than 1,300 lbs.

Another company, American Bantam Car Company, presented the first prototype which
met the Army's Specs, however, lacked the ability to mass produce the large Quantity that
was intended for this Army vehicle. Therefore, the Production Contracts went to Willys
and Ford after they proved to meet the Army's Specification.

Willys MB Specs (1941-1945)

Gross Weight: 3,650 lb.
Length (overall): 132.25"
Width (overall): 55.5”
Height (Top Up): 71.75”
Height (Top Down): 52"
Tire Size: 6.00-16
Max Speed: 65 mph
Fuel Capacity: 15 gal
Range: 285 mi
Electrical: 6 neg
Transmission: 3 speed + reverse (T-84)
Transfer Case: 2 Speed Dana 18
Front Axle: Dana 25
Rear Axle: Dana 27
Wheelbase: 80”
Other: 2 Piece Windshield, No Tailgate,
Tool Indentions on Drivers Side

Willys MB Engines:

Engine: 4-134 L Head Motor (463) (All Years)
Engine Type: L4-134 “Go-Devil”
Number of Cylinders: 4
Cubic-In. Displacement: 134.22 CID (2199.53 cc)
Horsepower: 60 hp (45 kW) @ 4000 rpm
Torque: 105 ft-lb. (142 N-m) @2000 rpm
Compression Ratio: 6:48:1
Valvetrain: L-head

Jeep Photos showing Versatility.

It appears the back of this Jeep is a Machine Shop, vintage 1940s,
because that looks like a metal Lathe on the Jeep.

Do not try this at Home.

Looks like a Howitzer was fired while attached to a Jeep and
the Re-coil lifted the Jeep up in the Air!

Jeep with Mud Flotation adapters.

Medics using Jeep as Ambulance.

Also a Jeep Ambulance. Notice bullet hole on the Windshield.

Over 361,000 Jeeps were built from 1941 to 1945.

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