*** World War II Women Defense Workers ***
Douglas Aircraft Company
Long Beach, California 1940

A scale model is tested at known air speeds in a Wind Tunnel for aerodynmic properties. The design is optimized as required.

While the men fight in the War, the women build the weapons. Respectfully referred to as "Rosie the Riveter".

They work on a large variety of Components of the weapon system with pride and superb workmanship.

Working on a plane's cockpit.

Working on the Landing Gear of a P-51 fighter plane.

Punching rivet holes on a frame member.

Getting aircraft ready for a test flight

The Test Pilot works in accordance with a strict test Plan and Plane is instrumented to detect any vibration throughout Aircraft.

Employees about to be treated to an airshow of the weapons they are building, illustrating to them the
importance of the work they do for their relatives and friends fighting the war. It enhances their pride,
workmanship, patriotism and satisfaction. It is good for the Company, the employees and our Country.

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