World War II Pacific Theatre

Japan attacks Pearl Harbor - December 7, 1941

Music: Armed Forces Medley

Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor

Marines - Guadalcanal

General MacArthur inspects Positions.

American And Filipinos surrender to Japanese on Corrigedor Island - 1942.

3 American Bodies (magots visible) on Papua New Guinea.

1943 Guadalcanal - looking up for snipers.

Japanese dugout.

Native stretcher bearers.

Marine given Plasma over Guadalcanal.

Specialty - Wiping out Pill boxes.

Invasion at Empress Augusta Bay under way.

Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea

... Snipers, Leeches, Snakes ...

Medics treat wounded Marine.

1944 Infantrymen follow cover of Tank.

Invasion of Sansapor New Guinea

Mission over Saipan, Mariana Islands.

Taking cover, 1944, Leyte Island Philippines.

Oct. 20, 1944 Gen. Douglas MacArthur with Sergio Osmena
President in exile of Philippines, walking ashore after
U.S. Forces recapture the Philippines.

November 1944 Pinwe, Burma.

November 1944, Loading-up a B-29 in Saipan.

Building sandbag Piers out to ramps for unloading cargo.

Clearing the USS Intrepid after a suicide plane attack.

November 26, 1944, Burial at sea.

B-29 takes off for Raid on the Japanese Mainland.

February 1945, the 503rd Paratroopers float to earth at Corregidor.

Street Fighting in Manila.

February 19, 1945, the first landing on Iwo Jima.

Iwo Jima

Iwo Jima - one of the deadliest battles.

Marines move forward. Mt. Suribachi in background was beehive of Japanese guns.

After fierce battles, Marines plant our Flag on Mt. Suribachi.

March 1945, Marines prepare graves for their Buddies in Iwo Jima.

April 1945 Iwo Jima, Flag at halfmast for death of President Franklin D. Roosevelt who died in Warm Springs in Ga.

Returning after a Raid, a crippled B-29 crashes upon landing.

The USS Franklin listing after a Dive Bomber attack.

April 13, 1945, beachhead in Okinawa.

August 9, 1945, Atomic blast at Nagasaki 3 days after the atomic blast at Hiroshima spur surrender talks with America.

Joy of News of War's end leads to famous victory kiss between total strangers at Times Square, New York City.

Joy all over NYC - here is the Little Italy section.

Power and Pride displayed over the Battleship USS Missouri during the formal surrender ceremony in Tokyo Bay.

Tokyo Bay September 2, 1945, Japanese Officials arrive aboard the USS Missouri for the formal surrender.

General MacAuthur overseeing Japanese Unconditional Surrender Documents.

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